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Selling Wholesale Niche Directory

Discussion in 'Sites' started by gregdavidson, Mar 10, 2017.

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    Up for sale is the website WholesaleSuppliersList.com. It's basically a niche directory with a list of over 600 legitimate wholesale suppliers.

    As you can tell the descriptions for most of the listings have not been written so you'll need to complete this before you launch off the website. You'll also need to setup a blog to help the website rank in the search engines.
    Once complete, this website should attract a huge audience since the wholesale niche is enormous. There are lots of wholesale-related affiliate programs for you to promote. If you get enough traffic to directory you can probably sell some of your advertising space to wholesale suppliers who are looking for customers.

    The asking price for this website is just $20 since it hasn't been finished yet. I believe the work I've done so far is worth hundreds of dollars so I consider my asking price to be a huge bargain. Please PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
    gregdavidson, Mar 10, 2017 IP
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    3 Easy Steps to Start an E-commerce Business for Free
    Amazon, eBay, Walmart, recently Hyundai, and many other businesses and startups, big and small, in all sizes and industries are turning to e-commerce as one of the most reliable ways to make big money.
    However, you don’t need to be an economic gigantic to start an e-commerce business. Actually, you may not even need money at all to concretely have land legs in this wonderland.

    The following are 3 easy steps to join online traders, whether national or international, without paying a single dime:

    • Step one: Define your business:
    You always got to ask yourself: what can I have that others don’t? Or what differentiates my product from other products? Even though e-commerce allows you to reach thousands (and even millions) of potential customers, the competition is fierce out there; originality and creativity are keys to landing success from inception.
    To help do that, you need to search competitors and make comparisons to find out what hasn’t already been made by them, alongside with choosing a unique and easy-to-rememberr name that both relates to your industry and the distinguishing factor.

    • Step two: Do the paperwork:
    Yes, it can be daunting, but just like vaccination, sometimes you need to bear the temporary prickle of a needle in order to avoid the permanent pain of illness. Registering your business is no difference. Taxes can come to bite you if your business grows while you neglect or forget to comply with your local laws. If your business is currently small and you’re sure it’s untaxable, then that’s great, carry on; but once you realize that you’re growing proportionally, then official papers should definitely be filled.

    Once you have that secured, it comes the part of writing your business’ online content. After getting a web hosting service, where many free ones can be found, it comes the time to fill in the spaces to describe your products and illustrate their advantages in relatively short and appealing manners. You may know your products inside out and think that many features are more than obvious to describe, but the fact is, what you see isn’t necessarily what others conceive.
    You may also need to create an online portfolio, whether on the web hosting service you use, a blog, or a social media page to attract potential clients. In addition, it would help too have a design or background that matches your business, with clear simple and easy steps to click the buttons and make the purchases.

    In addition to the aforementioned, you need a very simple business plan to work as a road map for you to know where you’re going regarding pricing, production and shipping costs, and other expenses. And who knows, you might find interested investors who want to sponsor your business or even become partners, and business plan is how you’re going to describe what you run, especially that it would cost you nothing since multiple guides and templates are available online for free.

    • Step three: Market your business:
    Marketing is your master key to communicate and connect your products to every potential customer on the cyber world. And since there are many of them with a huge impact, social media are the way to go for an efficient, solid, and practical way to do the marketing required without having to afford any financial expenses. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and many other platforms can absolutely change the way your business operates for all the best beyond imagination.

    There you have it; now, what kind of business is looming in your mind?!
    toggar site, Mar 16, 2017 IP