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Selling Unique Car Programmer Niche Site - Adsense - Revenue $27 BIN

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Fiverscripts, Dec 20, 2019.

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    Why are you selling this site?

    I have established it in its niche for a couple of years (i.e got it revenue generating + let it settle in for a bit)

    Im mainly a product seller and as this revenue source is affiliate its not really my bag so think its next stage is with a new owner

    How is it monetized?

    Make money via Google Adsense + Ebay affiliate (EPN)

    Does this site come with any social media accounts?

    Nope - this could be a good next level?

    How much time does this site take to run?

    Hardly anything, I would login to the admin (Wordpress) to check updates, errors etc daily but this could be weekly etc up to buyer.

    What challenges are there with running this site?

    None - just let it sit if you want too - its profitable each year if you do

    What is it?

    The AK90 is a Key Programmer (for cars) the isn’t a specific website for it so I created a niche for it to explain a bit about it, offer a simple software download (freeware) and Affiliate any sales of the actual device via Ebay. This method seems to be working and is profitable each year.


    Site is registered with Godaddy,

    Domain has been registered for 3 years and 66 days (at the of writing this) - Renewal date: 2020-10-14 so still loads of time on that!

    Running Wordpress with a clear theme, clever advert positioning and simple structure.


    Please see attached for EPN revenue for this year, sadly EPN updated the entire system and I can’t seem to see a way to get that data for last couple of years - I will contact them.

    I have linked the Adsense up here, occasional revenue but all adds up. EPN shows a good profitable revenue though.

    Buy it now set at a reasonable $35

    Any questions feel free to PM me
    Im happy to help install + setup for the buyer as well

    Note: I have also hidden this listing from search engines to aid in future SEO etc

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    Fiverscripts, Dec 20, 2019 IP