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Selling Travel website make $190 a month

Discussion in 'Sites' started by atlantabiz, Aug 29, 2018.

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    Note: I have no Idea why the Google analytics showed different amount of traffic when I linked to Flippa while the actual amount of Traffic when you go inside, however, I attached all the proof including the desktop and the mobile device that show the real amount of Traffic

    Hello Everyone

    First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my auction list

    Actually, I purchased the website time ago and I never thought I’m going to selling it very fast but the only reason for selling the website here is my Dad … he got many heart problems and we have to do the surgery ASAP so please keep him in your prayers as well

    Thanks .

    I worked very hard all days & nights to rank the site well and bring the Google organic search traffic as much as I can and I did it

    As you see in the attachments my articles and Youtube videos ranked on the First page of Google that’s why my website received %75 of organic traffic

    Let’s jump to the website

    Trivaday.com is a free, independent global travel search site comparing billions of cheap flights, hotels, car hire and airport taxi deals.

    It’s billions dollars business market

    The website make around $190 a month from hotelscombined LLC (they pay you for each click – no sales required)

    Trivaday Got pro design you can look at it and also got a unique name the domain name by itself worth $1,295 according to Godaddy

    Trivaday.com received:

    1,300 Daily Visitors

    10,000 Weekly Visitors

    34,000 Monthly Visitors

    The Traffic sources :

    Google Organic

    Yahoo Organic

    Bing Organic

    Top Countries

    United States






    Sessions by device :

    Desktop : %50.4

    Mobile : %43.5

    Tablet: %6.1

    Get to know your future website visitors

    Google Analytics

    Demographics and interest

    Age :

    %27.50 ( 18-24 )

    %33.50 ( 25-34)

    %15.50 (35-44)

    %12.50 (45-45)

    %5.50 (55-64)

    %5.50 (65+)

    Gender :

    %45.85 ( Female )

    %54.15 ( Male)

    Users language :









    I publish content daily throughout the trivaday blog and all the social media accounts
    Trivaday.com got 1,960 Results on Google as you see in attachments

    The website ranked on the first page of Google for some exact keywords see the attachment

    Social Media :

    Trivaday.com have many Facebook Ads we use the cheapest paid Ads

    We paid $30 for the Facebook Ads and the Results was :

    The Ad reached 259,000 people

    Post Reactions: 174

    Video Views: 7,862

    Page Engagement :7,991

    Post Engagement : 7,988

    Trivaday.com have :

    Youtube channel with 496 subscribers and the our youtube videos got 23,726 views

    Instagram account with 8870 Followers

    Twitter account with 7,053 Followers

    Facebook Page with 80 people like and 79 people Follow

    What is included in the sale?

    The entire website that includes the website & Domain name and the content as well

    And the Youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter account and the Instagram account

    What is required to keep the business operational?

    1 -2 hours a day to check any comments approval for the blog

    How does the business generate revenue?

    From the Travel affiliate program ( Pay per lead ) and also from sales generating like flights and hotels booking

    Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

    $30 a month for Facebook Ads

    The domain name Expire in 2020 Godaddy

    Good Luck
    atlantabiz, Aug 29, 2018 IP
  2. ViperBlood

    ViperBlood Active Member

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    Post the earning & google analytics screenshot.
    ViperBlood, Aug 29, 2018 IP