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Selling Selling 3 Custom Autoblogs, Only $49 for 3 Autoblogs

Discussion in 'Sites' started by kisazaru, Apr 14, 2012.

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    Hi There,

    Today I am selling my 3 Autoblogs as I don't have time to look upon them as busy with other project. I am offering only $49 for 3 Autoblogs.

    So Here are the 3 Autoblog I am offering You:

    1. ExercisePlansForWomen.info/
    Fitness keyword
    workout programs for women (Global Search:1,600) (CPC: $0.80)
    exercise plans for women (Global Search: 880) (CPC:$0.55)
    women weight training (Global Search:1,000) (CPC: $0.40)
    full body workout for women (Global Search :1,300) (CPC: $1.52)
    TOTAL SEARCH A MONTH: 4180 Searches!

    2. PetCareGuides.info/
    Pet care
    symptoms cat (Global Search:1,000) (CPC: $0.36
    cat illness symptoms (Global Search:1,600) (CPC: $0.75
    dogs health problems (Global Search:1,300) (CPC: $1.43
    long term dog boarding (Global Search:1,300) (CPC: $3.32
    how to care for a dog (Global Search:1,300) (CPC: $2.04
    TOTAL SEARCH A MONTH: 6500 Searches!

    3. PlantingVegetableGarden.info/
    Gardening Keyword
    container vegetable garden (Global Search:1,000) (CPC: $0.95)
    planting vegetable garden (Global Search80) (CPC: $0.94)
    gardening tomatoes (Global Search:1300) (CPC: $1.04)
    flower garden designs (Global Search:1000) (CPC: $0.69)
    gardening tips for beginners (Global Search:1300) (CPC: $1.20)
    TOTAL SEARCH A MONTH: 5480 Searches!

    Main Features:

    • Profitable highly demand niche
    • Built on Wordpress
    • Automatically updated fresh up-to-date content
    • 15 Articles per day!
    • AdSense Ads incorporated
    • Professionally designed Template
    • Great potential from all possible monetization sources
    • 0/hours work and no technical skills needed to operate such website
    • Perfect on-site and on-page SEO including optimized unique images, SEO Titles, SEO Descriptions, Tags, etc.

    Plugins installed:

    • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator
    • Easy Privacy Policy
    • Featured Content Gallery
    • Fixed Social buttons
    • Google XML Sitemaps
    • KB Robots.txt
    • RSS Poster Free Version
    • WordPress Database Backup
    • WP-Cumulus
    • All in One SEO Pack

    All site are registered at Godaddy and I will transfer them for FREE! HUrry UP!​
    kisazaru, Apr 14, 2012 IP
  2. kisazaru

    kisazaru Greenhorn

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    All 3 Autoblog are fairly NEW and no traffic or revenue generated so far.
    kisazaru, Apr 14, 2012 IP
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