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Selling Press-releases/advertorial articles on top websites and mass media (MTV, Bloomberg, etc)

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    We’d like to offer you an exclusive tool to promote your online business and expand your target audience.
    What we’ve got? Publication of press-releases or advertorial articles about your company/business/website on mega trust websites and prestigious mass media portals. Like MTV or Bloomberg.

    Links in articles are available. Links are open and SEO-indexed. Publications are permanent and will not be deleted.

    Your advertorial material with link(s) will be published in the open category, with social media posts (nine times out of ten) and co-branded banners (optional).

    Our donors are the first-string news and entertainment websites. No spammed sites and link brokers.

    Improve the image of your business, attract thousands of targeted visitors, get powerful SEO boost. With our offer, you will definitely reach the TOP of SERP and bring your business to a new level.

    We have options to meet any budget.

    We have dozens of exclusive donors, which have never been seen among link brokers.
    GEO – mostly, US, CA and EU

    To find out more and to receive our pricelist – contact us with email, Skype or via PM
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