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Buying URGENT Guest posts High TF Fitness Realted and General

Discussion in 'Services' started by phealey, Sep 28, 2018.

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    We are looking for link for our fitness website . They must meet our strict specifications

    The Sites Quality

    We require link as follows which Must meet the standard below .

    1. All sites should be in English language and 50% From UK and 50% USA or other English Speaking Countries, Ireland sites for .ie Sites also very desirable

    2. We need permanent dofollow links

    3. Thus our Minimum Link standards :- Our key preference is for 100% related niche

    1. General sites ( News, Leisure and Lifestyle) - both metrics better than us TF58+ AND DR36+

    2. Niche related ( Health Fitness, wellbeing )- half of our metrics are good enough TF29+ AND DR18+
    3. 100% related ( Fitness Equipment) - TF or DR must be better than half of our metric there TF29+ OR DR18+ That means TF3 but DR45 or TF35 but DR10
    1. We check CF/TF ratio and if it’s 1 to 1.8 to see if link profile is healthy. Links must be in this range.
    We can supply the article 1000 article .

    Good money waiting for the right sites !!

    Cheers Paul In UK
    phealey, Sep 28, 2018 IP
  2. Daniel - MediaDigi

    Daniel - MediaDigi Peon

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    Sent you a PM with details.
    Daniel - MediaDigi, Oct 2, 2018 IP