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Pay Kick Start Millionaire Bonanza

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by planck, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Follow me and you will cross the million-dollar threshold in 3years.

    I ONLY provide the opportunity and show you the path.

    You, alone must walk the path. You, alone must supply the effort. You must work your ass off. I’ve been there and done that. I’ve delved into the get-rich-quick gimmicks; navigated the muddy, squalor-filled trenches of fully automated DFY (done-for-you) quickies.

    They do not work!

    There are always smarter ways to work; but, there is no avoiding the absolute necessity of work. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR LONG, ARDUOUS HOURS.

    How to Become a Millionaire in Affiliate Marketing

    To become a millionaire, you must implement either one or both of these two instruments.
    1) Leverage
    2) Acquire cash generating assets

    How to use Leverage in Affiliate Marketing
    Leverage simply means to capitalize on other people’s resources. For example, google adwords and bingads network are great sources of targeted traffic that internet marketer can capitalize on.

    How to Acquire Cash Generating Assets
    The video below does a great job of illustrating the paramount importance of acquiring cash generating assets as part of your strategy to immense wealth.

    Affiliate Opportunities

    These products will give you the unique opportunity to use both leverage and passive income assets to become a millionaire.

    Join the Paykickstart.com Affiliate Program

    Product 1 >>> Holistic Tinnitus Treatment

    Product 2 >>> Coming Sooner,

    Product 3 >>> Coming Soon.
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    planck, Jan 11, 2018 IP
  2. planck

    planck Active Member

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    Product Name = Holistic Tinnitus Treatment
    Product Description = Ebook + Neuromonics Sound + (Upsell = Physical monthly supplements)

    Product Price = $39
    Affiliate Commission Percentage = 70% on first sale + (50% on recurring monthly physical supplements)
    2 Upsells with potential to earn = $150

    Affiliate Page = Affiliate Program
    URL To Sign Up with paykickstart = PAYKICKSTART.COM Sign UP
    Product on Paykickstart = Request to Promote Product

    You value your time! I value mine!

    So, let us not waste each other’s time and go straight to the treasure trove.

    The key to success in affiliate marking has NOT changed one bit: LOW COMPETITION & HIGH SEARCH VOLUME.

    Let us look at the first: LOW COMPETITION.

    There is no rival product on paykickstart.com, clickbank.com, jvzoo.com, com, cj.com (formerly commission junction), clickbetter.com and Fastspring.com. There are a few tinnitus products online but they do not have the potential to crowd out the market. This revelation is OUTSTANDING ON ITS OWN RIGHT.

    Let us take a look at the second pillar of guaranteed affiliate success: HIGH SEARCH VOLUME.

    Check out the keyword planner data! Every month tinnitus gets a minimum of 280,000 hits. The keyword TINNITUS TREATMENT gets > 14,800 hits per month. This is a colossal opportunity to cash in blockbuster profits.

    Let me introduce you to the Holistic Tinnitus Treatment program!

    We have launched “Holistic Tinnitus Treatment” on PAYKICKSTART.com, a trusted platform for digital products. This phenomenal tinnitus product offers a unique opportunity to strike it rich. Extensive testing of the product has consistently shown EPCs to be above $2.00 per click!

    ‘Holistic Tinnitus Treatment’ is the result of 2years of intensive and meticulous work. Throughout the process, the product was continuously subjected to scrupulous testing and incremental improvements to arrive at the phenomenal CONVERSION MONSTER that we are rolling out.

    Week after week, the heavy hitters in the affiliate industry are signing up to push this product and let me tell you, they are banking it BIG TIME. If you are in the health niche, better don’t miss the opportunity to cash right in.

    You might wonder; why is there hardly any competition. Why hasn’t anyone made a tinnitus product already?

    They have! They just aren’t smart enough to make the VSL. In addition, the other tinnitus products are mainly ebooks. The ‘Holistic Tinnitus Treatment’ product is comprised of both an ebook and propriety sound frequencies. Furthermore, we have upsells which consist of physical supplements. Better yet, there is a subscription program for the physical products. You make a sale once and rack in the profits for as long as the customer remains on the subscription.

    In the age of high-speed internet connections, no one is interested in reading long sales letters. VSLs rule the day. But, fear not, if written sales letters is your thing; for, we have even that covered.

    Just check it out…

    Click image

    We have got the tools you need: AFFILIATE TOOLS. .. Probably more than ANY other product on PAYKICKSTART).

    We've got plenty of banners, videos, email swipes, articles, press releases, advertorials, customer demographics, and so much more just waiting to be used by you to make yourself money!

    We have got more banners than you’ll ever need!

    We’ve got more email swipes than you’ll ever need!

    The cash is right within grasp!

    So go ahead... Visit the product today here:

    Product on Paykickstart.com

    And then grab your affiliate tools here:


    If you are not already a member, you’ll off course have to sign up first.

    The possibilities for making money here are endless. Feel free to post any queries you may have here, and I'll do my best to address them.

    Thank you,
    planck, Jan 11, 2018 IP
  3. tradesol

    tradesol Well-Known Member

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    hi I am interested, can you pass on also camera ready PPC ads to use on facebook? please pm me thanks robert
    tradesol, Jan 18, 2018 IP
  4. planck

    planck Active Member

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    We have dozens of facebook.com 840x440 banners which you can use for your PPC campaigns. Click the image below to download all the banners; then, choose the appropriate sizes for your campaigns.


    If you need any more material such as email swipes or landing pages, visit the affiliate page.
    planck, Jan 18, 2018 IP