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Selling Niche Based Contextual Blog Posts Only With eBuzz Ally

Discussion in 'Services' started by eBranding, Sep 3, 2018.



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    Are you struggling with your website to improve rankings on your desired keywords? Did your website loose rankings in the past months and you want to improve the rankings on those keywords too? Do you want to gain your desired online popularity for your website? Then you are at the very right place!

    To improve rankings you need to create links for your website. There are various ways to build links, but the only way which is far more cheaper and most beneficial than any other is NICHE BASED CONTEXTUAL LINK BUILDING.

    I hereby provide niche based contextual link building services to improve your website rankings in a better way than ever. I will provide niche based relevant blog posts for your website that will help you building links in a cheapest way.

    But Why will you choose me?
    #1) Dependable:
    I provide Permanent blog posts as long as the blog runs
    #2) Gold for the price of bronze: I allow 3 Do-follow links in a single blog post so you can get 3 links at the price of 1.
    #3) Untouchable price: I provide Blog posts at the lowest possible price as I believe in clients' benefits too.
    #4) Social Media presence: I will share the published blogs onto the social media channels as part of Branding
    #5) Relevancy: The contents will be published in the blogs only relevant to the topic.
    #6) No SPAM: The keyword would be placed naturally among the content to mantain spam free work.

    $8/Post - Your content
    $13/post - Our content

    1) What kind of content is allowed if I provide content?
    The content should be 100% original, Handwritten and Informative. The lenght of the content should be atleast 400 words.

    2) What will I have to provide If I allow you to write the content?
    You will have to just provide the keywords and your website link, The rest is our duty.

    3) Is there any Bulk discount?
    As I am already working on the lowest possible rate, I cannot give you an extra discount.

    4) Is the other language content allowed?
    No the content should be only in English, but you can include other language keywords in it.

    5) What is the TAT?
    Well it depends on how many posts you want to buy and do you want me to write the content. If you want me to write the content then it takes 24 hours to write and publish 500 words.

    6) Do you guarantee any improvements?
    As there are various other factors which affects the site's rankings so we do not guarantee any results.

    7) Are casino and dating links accepted?
    Yes, we do have specific blogs for that.

    Contact me for more:
    Skype: eBuzz Ally
    eBranding, Sep 3, 2018 IP
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