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Selling Hot Pinterest Service Business Earn Profit $195/per sale/Fully Outsourced/No Reserve/No Exp./NoJoke

Discussion in 'Sites' started by UnderWaterPc, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Opening Bid: $30 - BIN : $190 - No Reserve Auction
    3 Days Auction - Add us to your Watch list for more auctions.
    Premium Domain: ActivePins.Com
    Implementation: WordPress
    Domain Registrant: GoDaddy.com
    Theme Customization: Premium Theme Customization

    3 days auction! $30 starting bid! $No Reserve price!

    Welcome to the auction for ActivePins.Com

    Auction is for Serious Investors No Low Ballers

    The BIN Price Will Reflect Monies I have invested inquiring name and site.
    We have a Fair Reserve for ActivePins.com

    ActivePins.com is a beautifully designed and effectively optimized,highly brand-able website that provides (fully outsourced) Pinterest Marketing Services (Pinterest Followers, Likes, Pins, Repins and Comments) to customers. The ActivePins.Com business model, a whole new business model which was featuread in media lately and created a lot of buzz, is an easy way to earn hundreds of dollars, even thousands per week with only a few hours of "work" and no technical experience, with the right marketing plan.
    Take advantage of this opportunity now and don't regret later. Pinterest created a lot of buzz and went beyond viral. And it can't be stopped. It will continue to grow bigger and bigger because people are addicted to it. That's why Businesses and Brands changed their marketing strategy and went from other Social Networks to Pinterest. Because on Pinterest are a lot of money to be made. That's why this new business model was created. All marketers and brands on Pinterest need this service. They want to attract a lot of people and generate a lot of traffic. We help them achive their goals.
    And you can take advantage of this business model while it's still growing. There are not many websites on the web providing these kind of Pinterest Marketing Services. This is a new business, a fresh and powerful opportunity if you have the desire to succeed. With a bit of effort you can establish yourself as an authority and a leader in this domain.

    With a strong name like Active Pins your site will be top on Google in no time.. You are getting a name with highly searched keyword ActivePins.com

    Active: Competition Low 24,900,000 Global Monthly Searches 6,120,000 Local Monthly
    Pins: Competition Medium 5,000,000 Global Monthly Searches 1,220,000 Local Monthly

    The new owner will be getting something that is already in the right directions with Keywords compacted likes this makes your CPC extremely High so your revenue through adsense or any other ads potential is unlimited.

    A fully functional website that will sell ALL PINTEREST SERVICES - 100% FULLY OUTSOURCED
    And now you can own this hot, fully setup and fully outsourced Pinterest services business and making more than 100% profits off of our initial efforts.ActivePins.Comis perfect for beginners, newbies or anyone who want to own their own profitable, automated online business. This is NOT some turnkey website but a real fully functional business. You will be in business from day one.

    You're Bidding on ActivePins.com

    $$Features of this Website$$
    • Pinterest Services: Business sells 5 package services in one site - HOT.
    • Complete outsourcing which doesn’t make you work for whole day.
    • Ample of Buy it now Bonuses.
    • Eye popping professional design of the website.
    • Premium and Brandable Domain name which is easy to remember.
    • You don’t need to pay the SUCCESS FEE. I’ll pay it on my own.
    • There is a list of reliable suppliers for doing all services.
    • There is an integrated live chat support.
    • The website is designed with maximum conversion in mind. It engages potential
      visitors right away and makes the buying process easy for them.
    • There is PayPal payment gateway integration with it as it is the most renowned
      payment processing worldwide. You will be able to easily integrate your PayPal info
      into the website.
    Found interesting ?? Amazed ?? Not yet ?? Read More!! I have lot more for you...

    $$Any expertise needed to run this business?$$

    No expertise is needed to run this business. There are few steps to be undertaken to get functional with this website. First and foremost, notifications of new orders will be sent to your inbox. Payment criteria says that the payments will be sent to your paypal account. The orders that will be supllied by me to you will be forwarded to the suppliers with a little amount by you. In return you will get the mail from the supplier on completion of your order. In the end you wil mail the customer to inform him that the orders are complete.

    Just because this website is fully outsourced, you don’t need to do whole work on your own. You can higher the cheap staff and rest of the work will be done by the suppliers.They will do the posting stuff on your behalf. This is 100% white label and keeping staff at the most nominal rates.

    $$Easy to Run.$$
    The ordering process is a really easy process and uses Paypal in fact you need ZERO experience to get going with your new business. Just follow these 5 steps below:
    • You will be notified of a new order straight to your email inbox
    • Instant payment will be sent to your Paypal account
    • You forward that order to the suppliers that I supply to you
    • Your supplier emails you once the order has been completed
    • You email the customer to inform that that their order has been completed
    The website is completely setup, ready for business and made for you to create money. It is close to fully automated, with no website maintenance required and it only takes minimal work on your part to process customers’ orders.

    Profitable Business with Minimal Work and NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED

    Profit Details.
    $$How much will it Cost me and what will be the Profits?$$
    From this website the buyer can earn from $10 profit up to $130 profit on the largest packages and 100% profit in each order. In spare time one can easilymake $1,500 profit per month if it gets successful in generating the targeted traffic. For raising profits we will provide you with the guides and manuals to teach you how to generate traffic on the website and search engine optimization methods.This marketing material will help you find more customers and get more orders.
    Here is an instance to help make you understand the things much better:
    Let say if you get 2 sales per day for order 100 Pinterest Followers.
    (profit) x (sales a day) = (profit a day)
    $25 x 2 sales = $50 per day
    That is profit per day. What about profit per month?
    (profit per day) x (30 days) = (profit per month)
    Total: $50 x 30 = $1,500 /month for do nothing!

    ActivePins.com offers 5 verified Pinterest Services as follows :

    50 Pinterest Followers $29.99 (supplier charge $14.99) = $15 profit
    100 Pinterest Followers $49.99 (supplier charge $24.99) = $25 profit
    250 Pinterest Followers $99.99 (supplier charge $44.99) = $55 profit
    500 Pinterest Followers $169.99 (supplier charge $84.99) = $85 profit
    1,000 Pinterest Followers $229.99 (supplier charge $99.99) = $130 profit

    50 Pinterest Likes $24.99 (supplier charge $14.99) = $10 profit
    100 Pinterest Likes $44.99 (supplier charge $24.99) = $20 profit
    250 Pinterest Likes $94.99 (supplier charge $44.99) = $50 profit
    500 Pinterest Likes $164.99 (supplier charge $84.99) = $80 profit
    1,000 Pinterest Likes $194.99 (supplier charge $99.99) = $95 profit

    50 Pinterest Pins $29.99 (supplier charge $14.99) = $15 profit
    100 Pinterest Pins $49.99 (supplier charge $24.99) = $25 profit
    250 Pinterest Pins $99.99 (supplier charge $44.99) = $55 profit
    500 Pinterest Pins $169.99 (supplier charge $84.99) = $85 profit
    1,000 Pinterest Pins $229.99 (supplier charge $99.99) = $130 profit

    50 Pinterest Repins $24.99 (supplier charge $14.99) = $10 profit
    100 Pinterest Repins $44.99 (supplier charge $24.99) = $20 profit
    250 Pinterest Repins $94.99 (supplier charge $44.99) = $50 profit
    500 Pinterest Repins $164.99 (supplier charge $84.99) = $80 profit
    1,000 Pinterest Repins $194.99 (supplier charge $99.99) = $95 profit

    50 Pinterest Comments $64.99 (supplier charge $49.99) = $15 profit
    100 Pinterest Comments $99.99 (supplier charge $74.99) = $20 profit
    250 Pinterest Comments $194.99 (supplier charge $149.99) = $45 profit
    500 Pinterest Comments $294.99 (supplier charge $239.99) = $55 profit
    1,000 Pinterest Comments $474.99 (supplier charge $379.99) = $95 profit
    Active Pins is not just a website, but it is a highly profitable business that you can own if you win the AUCTION. You can earn money by just sitting around any corner of the world in accordance with your comfort and time. NO BOSS NAGGING stuff. You will be boss of your own.
    I must assure you people with the fact that you are not buying just a random domain but an extremely lucrative business. A place where you can earn 100% profits on each order on the very day you start working on it. There are the stats which states that there is a rapid growth in Pinterest services and expect to make up to $1.500 per month in your spare time.

    Accepting BIN offers for this Mega One Week Deal

    What are the BIN Bonuses ?
    You can snatch ActivePins.Com up immediately and make it your own by paying the Buy It Now price of $190.
    At that price it’s already a steal, but to sweeten the deal I will throw in the following bonuses to the lucky buyer that places the Buy It Now bid.

    Why Not Win the Right Way? With Us 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed :)


    We will consider all Buy It Now offers for this website.
    Simply send us a Private Message and we will respond at our earliest convenience to your offer with an acceptance, rejection or reasonable counter-offer.
    If we accept your offer, we will reduce the BIN Price for your immediate purchase.

    A reduced BIN or Negotiated BIN Bonuses will not be included.
    Bidding Terms

    Please Do not Bid on this Auction if you have no money or no intent to pay after auction is done...
    • Negative Public Comments will be deleted and reported to Digital Point
    • Users with Negative Feedback Will Have Bids Rejected
    • Do Not Assume - Ask Me First by Private Message PM.
    • Ask all Your Concerns Before you Bid; Not After you Win this Auction.
    • Payment Due when Auction is completed
    • Buyer Assume Fees
    Sale Terms for the Winning Bidder:
    • Full Payment is due Immediately After the Auction Ends via PayPal or Money Booker's, and Escrow if payment is $500 or more
    • I Don’t Accept Split Payments or Financial Terms
    • No Conditional Requirements for Payment will be Allowed After you Win this Auction
    THANK you all and Happy BIDDING
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2013
    UnderWaterPc, Jun 17, 2013 IP
  2. UnderWaterPc

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    Website Sold Thank you
    UnderWaterPc, Jun 18, 2013 IP