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Help! Help!

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by vjlenin, May 23, 2008.

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    Hi dear friends, I am in a much worse situation now, this thread is here to attract anyone's attention as to what is happening to my site. I have grave doubts that the site has been sandboxed. Please check out this thread that I started a while back.

    Please reply to that thread itself. I now find that my site is not ranking first for any of the keywords it actually ranked first. "good writing" for instance, which brought up my site in the first page is now not bringing me even in the hundredth page. For even "cutewriting" i am not the first result. What could have happened? If you check my blog, you will see it is daily updated and with the merit of links I got (not too many, only 50 links) and the content, I am PR1 within two months time.

    I never did any sort of blackhat technique in SEO, please check out the thread in question, and please help me out, dear friends. I would be much grateful

    vjlenin, May 23, 2008 IP