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FileHosting Site - 2000+ Uniques per day - $200/Month - Growing rapidly - Custom Made

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Proximity, Sep 6, 2008.

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    Site information:

    UploadCraze is a fileuploading site, where guests and members can upload their files and share the links around the net. This site has got great success and very well known around the net in very little time.

    Site has made about $100 from CPX, and about $43 from Adsense (In about 10-12 days), a total of ~$200+ in 1 month. Ads were on the site for only 1 month, the other months we didnt have ads on the site as we were attracting users to the site.

    Site Costs:

    Mega File Hosting Script : $129
    Custom Template : $275
    Other expenses : $90
    About $500 has been spent on the development of this site.

    Site Expenses:

    Hosting only. Currently runs on a $189/month server which has unmetered bandwidth, BUT this site will run fine on server that cost less than $100. I have other sites (10+ Other sites) on that $189 server aswell.


    Site has been getting around 2000+ uniques per day. NO MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT ON ADVERTISING. Traffic comes from people uploading on the site and then posting the links on forums, blogs, etc.



    The site is using CPXInterative and Adsense, and it is paying average per every click.. at the end of the month you have a good amount every month. I have removed CPX as they dont have text ads which i prefer more.


    Additional Information:

    The domain name is very easy to remember, and it makes sense. Also the site has a PR1 and expecting to be PR2+ the next update.


    Lets start the price at $500, as it was the amount of money spent on the site, such as script, template, etc.

    Paypal payment from Verfiied Paypal users only. Payment must be made within 24 hours of your bid or auction continues
    Buyer to pay all Escrow.com fees if you select Escrow.com for payment


    Current BID at Sitepoint: $1200 - http://marketplace.sitepoint.com/auctions/44567

    BIN: $1499
    Proximity, Sep 6, 2008 IP
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    BIN Lowered to: $1300

    Very low price for an established website!
    Proximity, Sep 7, 2008 IP