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Selling Email database distribution making $5200 USD with 75 million+ emails inventory

Discussion in 'Sites' started by BloomANetwork, Jun 7, 2019.

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    PLEASE NOTE! For some reason I am unable to respond to PM's, thus in order for you to get a response, you have to message me through Skype username live:swiftems or send me your contact info through PM and I will then use that in order to get in contact with you.

    1. Business Summary

    Basically the business model is selling lists of emails, which the customers can use in order to advertise their own products through. The lists are from all the big tier 1 countries like US, Canada, UK, EU etc. In total there are around 75 million + emails in the lists and on average a list in the size of 1 million emails sells for $150 - $199 USD

    The whole business model has changed a couple of times, but are refined as of now. First off the products were simply distributed through one in house website, which was advertised through Google AdWords, from a small advertising campaign it made $640 USD. Afterwards it was changed to only distribute through one particular online forum, within which period it made $775 USD brining the total to $1415 USD. Because of the success from the forum posting, the decision was made to expand the forum posts to multiple different online forums, after which the earnings increased greatly. On top of this the website concept was changed from a one time price to buy a list, into a subscription service where users sign up in order to get access to multiple lists. This website hasn't been launched as of yet as in all new. With the expansion of the forum posts, the site has now made $5200 USD to date, with around $4850 USD of that being profit, as the price to post on forums are either free or very cheap.

    2. Strengths and growth opportunity

    Strengths: The product is of a high converting nature, which means people are very interested in the product. On top of that the product is used by the customer to advertise their own products, which means the product is seen as an investment to the customer, which means the prices one can charge are rather high. So far the most effective strategy has been to sell in the following sizes, 500k emails, 1 million emails & 2 million emails. For 500k I would charge $85 USD for 1 million I would charge $150 USD and for the 2 million emails I would charge $250 USD. Then depending on the amount people would like I would make custom prices, in order to fit any demand. But the sizes between 500k to 2 million is the most common amount of emails people are interested in.

    Opportunities: As of right now it has been possible to make a good amount of money by distributing only through forums. However as the new website is setup, it is also possible to start building up a recurring revenue business of subscriptions. Banner ad gifs have also been made, in order to use for advertising the website business. Placed on the proper sites the recurring business should grow in no time.

    On top of that there is also the possibility of expanding to even more online forums, as of right now 3-4 forums have been run at different times so far. A list of multiple forums have been made, on which there are 8-10 different forums, which means the distribution could be doubled pretty much for free, as the forum posting is most of the time free.

    3. Operations

    The whole setup is fairly low maintenance, the majority of the business revolves around responding to messages either on forum posts or through online chat systems like Skype etc. On average it probably takes about 1-3 hours of work a day to keep it all running and up to date.

    4. Customers

    The customers of our site is most oftenly smaller business or website owners, who are looking to increase their brand and product awareness by purchasing already made email lists. This can be simply to get people onto their site and get new users, but it can also be to get new customers of products. Email marketing is one of the strongest methods to gather new leads.

    5. Financials

    Total $640 USD made through Stripe

    Total $4574 USD made through PayPal

    January: $490 Revenue $461 Profit
    February: $185 Revenue $175 Profit
    Juni: $640 Revenue $471 Profit
    December: $100 Revenue $90 Profit

    January: $785 Revenue $739,94 Profit
    February: $970 Revenue $914,32 Profit
    March: $870 Revenue $820,06 Profit
    April: $785 Revenue $739,94 Profit
    May: $770 Revenue $725,80 Profit

    Check attachments for earnings statistics etc.

    6. Includes

    - Swift-emails.com Domain.

    - Website/source code.

    - The products/inventory which includes 75 million + emails in lists categorized in countries and business category (B2C & B2B)

    - All the rights to the website, product and everything.
    - Setup help, to get it all setup and ready.

    - Forum account login to the forum accounts I am allowed to transfer, some of the forum accounts are personal and one is not allowed to pass them on. But in those cases, I will tell you which they are and help you get setup and posted on them and then I will delete or have my original posts redirect to yours.

    7. Valuation

    the business is valued based on the amount of earnings it has had thus far, on top of this is it also valued on the base of the inventory. If one were to go out and start trying to gather over 75 million emails, not only would it cost $10k USD+ it would also take a long time to have them all verified like those which are sold through the system. Also it has been taken into consideration, that not all forum accounts can be transferred and the site still is a starter concept, which is why the price is discounted and is valued lower than the current earnings.

    8. Price

    The price is set at $1500 USD but I am open to offers, so please let me know what you think and your interest.

    Thank you for reading

    PLEASE NOTE! For some reason I am unable to respond to PM's, thus in order for you to get a response, you have to message me through Skype username live:swiftems or send me your contact info through PM and I will then use that in order to get in contact with you.
    BloomANetwork, Jun 7, 2019 IP