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Selling EasyMeals.club

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Mkcoy, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Are you in the food/cooking niche? Want an attractive food/cooking niche site with a very easy to remember and catchy name? Then consider the EasyMeals.club site.

    The EasyMeals.club mission is simple. To provide easy meals for people to make. We are a recipe and meals food blog where you can find free daily easy meals to make and cook. We have new quick and easy meals for you to make and enjoy. From the most basic and easiest simple meals for people on the go to quick and easy dinners, breakfasts, lunches, brunches and more.

    The main idea behind the Easy Meals Club was to provide people on the go with quick and easy meals to cook. People like students particularly, those in universities or in college. People on their lunch break from work. Or just anyone that wants to learn some quick and easy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to make, cook, eat and enjoy.

    EasyMeals.club runs on WordPress CMS so its very easy to run and maintain. Likewise its also very easy to add new meals, recipes etc from the Add New post page.

    EasyMeals.club doesn't require any special plugins to run but makes use of several free plugins to add extra functionality and features to the site such as the Read Offline plugin allowing users to download recipes and meals ideas in either PDF or ePub format to read offline on their kindle etc. There is a simple rating plugin and contact form plugin too.

    Since I registered this domain on 25/5/14 I've not done much with it. I did do quite a bit of keyword research at first and found that "Easy Meals" gets 22,200 monthly searches and has LOW competition with an avg CPC of £0.71 per click.

    Here are some other keywords and their volumes to target with this site.
    easy meals 22,200 Low competition. Avg CPC £0.71
    quick and easy meals 12,100 Low competition. Avg CPC £0.43
    cheap easy meals 6,600 Low competition. Avg CPC £0.49
    easy healthy meals 9,900 Low competition. Avg CPC £0.94
    quick easy meals 9,900 Low competition. Avg CPC £0.53
    easy meal ideas 5,400 Low competition. Avg CPC £0.53
    easy meals for two 4,400 Low competition. Avg CPC £0.34
    easy meals for dinner 2,400 Low competition
    cheap and easy meals 2,900 Low competition. Avg CPC £0.53
    easy camping meals 5,400 Low competition. Avg CPC £0.51

    easy meals to cook 4,400
    easy meals for one 1,900
    easy meals for college students 590
    easy meals for kids 1,900
    cheap easy meals 6,600
    easy healthy meals 9,900
    easy weeknight meals 1,300
    easy meal ideas 5,400
    easy dinner meals 1,900

    The site has several categories for different types of easy meals.
    As said I have not done much with this site. But it is already ranking quite well and getting daily organic hits from the search engines for what it has on it already.

    I have done some social network building. The site has its own Google+ page, Facebook page, Pinterest page and Twitter profile. It also has a free MailChimp account for sending monthly newsletters or even free daily easy meals to people that subscribe.


    No major backlinks have been built other than on these places but site has been picked up by some BIG brands online. Eg; check out the review on the Nic.club here.

    For this reason, new owner would not need to do any off-page SEO to make site rank better. All you need to do is add new easy meals and recipes!

    Attached is a screenshot of the daily traffic (keywords). And also recent came from.

    Webmaster Tools: Yes.
    Analytics: Yes.

    Domain Registrar: NameCheap
    Registered:Sun 05/25/2014
    Expires: Tue 05/26/2015

    Also provided - A full list of relevant keywords and long tails to work on.
    Just keep adding posts (recipes/meals etc) with these keywords to grow the site.
    You will not have to do any hard work on this site. All the groundwork is already done!
    All you will have to do is add some new meals/recipes etc to the site regularly.

    A fantastic food and recipe blog with a catchy and easy to remember domain name!

    Any questions just ask.
    Analytics access given upon request.

    Serious bidders/buyers only please.
    Mkcoy, Aug 23, 2014 IP
  2. Mkcoy

    Mkcoy Well-Known Member

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    Basically what you have here is a business in a box with a lot of potential. The food niche is a massive niche with a lot of untapped sub niches. You can build this site/business in many ways. Either just fill it up with regular easy meals and share them on social networks which they will go viral. Or get subscribers and send them regular new easy meals and meal ideas. Then you can monetize the site with ads or incentive offers. And collect email subscribers and send them regular new easy meals to make and include incentives and promotional emails.

    All the ground work has been done and its clear to see that search engines like the site but it just needs someone to take it on and to the next level. All you need to do is add one new meal a day or several times a week and keep posting it to the social networks. This will help the site grow virally among students and house wives and many other people that want to learn some quick and easy meals to make!

    Bidding started at $49.99. Get in early to grab a bargain.
    Mkcoy, Aug 23, 2014 IP
  3. Mkcoy

    Mkcoy Well-Known Member

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    I have updated this auction. Now relisted again. Since then the site has progressed a little. We've added more recipes which, a forum and a recipe submit page making the site much more interactive.
    Now you can run your own recipe community on the EasyMeals Club recipe forums. People can now submit recipes either anonymously or from your own account.
    Also, one other thing, we have added a cooking games category and added some fun popular cooking games.
    We have added some new recipes to the site and they are being picked up by all search engines with traffic increasing as we go.

    I have done some small SEO work but only blog comments on related food blogs and submitted it to some local business directories.
    We've increased the Facebook and Twitter pages presence by regular posting too. All the ground work establishing this cool cooking site EasyMeals.club has already been done.
    Now it just needs someone to take it to the next level!

    Please put your bid in to buy own the EasyMeals.club! :)

    Bidding start price: $9.99.
    $10 increments.

    Any questions send PM.
    Mkcoy, Nov 17, 2014 IP