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Selling Dogs Guides Site - 30 Articles -No Work, Ready Passive Income,Low Reserve,Must See!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Richard L. Covington, Jun 1, 2017.

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    Earn Money with Adsense + Amazon + Clickbank + Any Ad Networks! Hot Niche, KILLER Design, & High CTR Ads Placement! Amazon store integrated.

    100% Premium Quality, High Converting Hot Niche Authority Site with KILLER Design (Absolute Money Maker)

    Stop Wasting your Time and money with ugly, valueless so called money making websites that DON’T CONVERT!!!

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    Please read through this very detailed description to find out everything associated with this auction.

    This website is a professionally designed highly converting Authority Blog; developed with lots of factors keeping in mind. These factors make the site unbeatable & can beat any of the sites in the No. 1 spot on Google. This type of websites is extremely popular and highly profitable now days as it has an awesome way for monetization.


    You’ve seen the nutty claims by so-called “internet experts” to earn thousands of dollars within a matter of days! Or minutes!! No such thing. However, there are several lucrative ways that can provide an extremely generous income with comparatively little effort – this website is integrated to all those effective ways to make a kick start!

    You make money when people click on your ads. People don’t visit your website for ads. They want good content. If you want people to click, make the ads look like an integral part of your content. That’s why the website’s made as an Authority Website for all of us that contains niche specific articles and integrated with the niche specific ads which completely relates to the content.

    The website is monetized with Adsense, Amazon & Clickbank ads. Even a standalone Amazon Store is also integrated with the website, by which you make commission for every purchase your visitor make from Amazon!!!

    You can ten sell private ad spots from your website, and make even more money using other affiliate and content monetization networks like CJ, Chitika, LinkShare etc. You name it, you can monetize the site with it. It’s that easy!

    Monetization Methods:

    - Google Adsense (Already Optimized for Best CTR)
    - Amazon (Ads Ready)
    - Clickbank (Ads Ready)
    - Integrated Standalone Amazon Store
    - You can add CommissionJunction, eBay, CPA too, no worries.
    - Site has got Authority domain, you can easily sell guest post for more $$$-


    IMPORTANT: A Professional site ensures more conversion. No more wasting your Time and money with ugly sites that DON’T CONVERT!!! The site is professionally designed and developed in such a way that ensures the quality and makes it a complete user friendly premium website. The professional look and design of the website automatically builds authenticity and trust into the customers mind. With this premium design and framework, the site has been developed as user responsive, reliable and superior among its competitors to make sure your user satisfaction. The smooth integration of design and user experience takes the site into next level.

    So the more your visitor clicks, the more you earn. Increasing your user’s average time spent on the site increases the chances of more clicks to ads and higher affiliate commission.

    Also, the website is designed using premium theme. This site has a single website license that the buyer will get. The buyer will not be able to make copies of the website or re-sell the website under any circumstances. Also you need to already have an AdSense account to operate the site.


    Main Website Features:
    • Professionally Designed Authority Website
    • 30 High value authority blog content Rewritten for the site
    • All ads already placed in best positions for maximum CTR
    • Exclusive Amazon widgets cashing in more $$ from the visitors
    • Niche specific & targeted On-Site Amazon Store
    • Amazon Monetization Ready
    • Adsense Ads Ready For Rolling
    • Powered by Premium Domain
    • Fully Integrated with Clickbank
    • Can be Monetized With ANY Network
    • Professional Look Building Authenticity
    • 100% Newbie Friendly Business
    • Absolutely No Experience Required



    This site is 100% READY & NEWBIE FRIENDLY. That means the website is fully complete and ready to run as your Business. All that's required to start earning money from this website is to drive traffic. Also this website is very newbie friendly as there is no maintenance required.

    - No Programming Skills Needed
    - No Maintenance Time Required

    This site is brand new and has not generated any traffic.
    To help with the traffic generation, I will include a step by step guide on building traffic. This is my own personal guide that has worked for me without a problem so I know it will work for you. Your business/websites are nothing without marketing so this would be the most important element to anybody’s online success.

    • A Very unique and Brandable Domain name
    • A 100% Authentic & Proven Business with great potential
    • Custom made logo and matching design
    • An extraordinarily designed website
    • Free domain transfer to your uniregistry.com account
    • Free website transfer to your hosting 30 days after sale support
    Richard L. Covington, Jun 1, 2017 IP