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Crazy Kim Kardashian Booty Launch

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by planck, Nov 22, 2018.

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    Product Name = Unleash Your Bigger Butt

    Product Description = Ebook + Audio Book + DVD
    Product Price = $39
    Affiliate Commission Percentage = 70% on first sale
    Affiliate Page = Affiliate Program

    URL To Sign Up with clickbank = CLICKBANK.COM Sign UP

    Product on Clickbank Spotlight

    Hi Guys,

    I’m back with another money-maker!

    Thank you guys for your patience! It has taken over a year to release this “killer product.”

    The time-investment was necessary to produce a stellar product of unparalleled quality.

    As you well know, anybody can make a sale by putting up some high quality VSL. But, what is the point of making that sale, if the customer requests a refund because your product didn’t simply live up to the hype.

    Only HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY can produce a low refund rate.

    Now, it is up to you to get the ca$h register singing.

    I’m not talking about a couple hundred bucks a day….I’m talking about thousands of dollars coming in directly to your account every single day passively. Get ready, because this is the BIG BREAKTHROUGH!

    From the guys that brought you “Holistic Tinnitus Treatment” comes one of the BIGGEST launches in Clickbank history.

    We have teamed up with cutting edge designers to create what is possibly one of the highest converting products in the marketplace’s history.

    So, what is the product called?

    Unleash Your Bigger Butt


    What does it do?

    Very simply, it increases the size of your butt. Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez have kindled colossal excitement for big booty woman.

    Now, every woman wants a big butt. If you don’t believe me, just type “Kim Kardashian booty” in Google keyword planner.

    Right now, the long-tail keyword “how to get a bigger butt” is averaging 65,000 hits per month.

    The potential is that big and will only grow bigger as new comers like Iggy Azalea keep flaunting their buttocks.

    How much does it cost and how much do I get?

    The initial product is priced at $39, however there are 3 upsells, for which, you get 10% for life. Given this, the customer lifetime value is over $10,000. Imagine getting only 10customers.

    That will generate for you a total customer lifetime value of $100,000.

    If you can deliver super large volume, we’d be willing to increase your commission for the front-end product to 80%.

    How do I know this converts?

    Testing has shown this converting at 1 initial sale for every 18 hops on both cold and warm traffic. That is better than 5% conversion rate, so you know this is HOT!

    This thing is selling like hot cake.

    Checkout that upsell take rate!

    They sent me this after they were so impressed with how easily they were making commission and how many upsells were being taken with so few hops!

    So if you want to start making some easy coin, you need to start promoting “Unleash Your Bigger Butt” NOW!

    ==> Go here to get started now…

    We have so many resources available for you to make it as easy as possible…

    … banners… press releases… customer reviews!

    … videos… pre-sell content… articles!

    … email swipes… keywords… and more!

    You name it! We have it!

    We left no stone unturned in making sure you have the promotional material necessary to sell this phenomenal product with ease.

    And every promotion has been essentially reduced to “copy & paste” taking all the stress and struggle out of the affiliate marketing equation.

    This opportunity is humongous. Most people who want to shape up try a different fitness product up to 5 times a year.

    However, the people who are most serious about sculpting their bodies make a decision to do something about it lack the self-discipline to follow-through.

    That’s why our unique product has an entire section dedicated to mental conditioning.


    Like all great opportunities getting in early is a big key to success.

    Now is the time to crank things up.

    Follow our blueprint to success, use the killer affiliate marketing tools at your disposal and you’ll soon be getting nice fat checks from Clickbank.

    The current EPC of $2.5 per click is only projected to go higher.

    There is no glass ceiling to this money-madness.

    And with the mass appeal this hot offer has for millions of women who want a simple and effective way to get a bigger butt…


    This could be your ticket to “Easy Street.”

    But it’s only going to happen if you hop on board so…

    ==> Go here to get started now…

    To more and bigger commissions,

    Upsells are only available on paykickstart.
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    Kramer Dean

    Affiliate Manager
    planck, Nov 22, 2018 IP
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