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Selling Amazing Dropship Store Selling Products People Love!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by canaryspace, May 2, 2019.

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    Amazing Dropship Store! Products Everyone Loves! Easy To Run! Brand-able Name!
    Easy to run dropship store showcasing products that people love! Set your commission rates, promote & earn! Semi-automatic with premium theme. Process is done in a couple of clicks! Brand-able Name!

    What is "That's So Nifty"?

    Nifty = To be very cool or neat; Existing in a unique, positive manner.

    You might have heard the term "Wow that's so Nifty". It is a used when someone finds something really cool or in this case a really cool product! You have probably visited a site that sells stuff you really want to buy, that is what ThatsSoNifty.com is all about, promoting and selling interesting products that people really want!

    The store currently has over 600 products and you can add up to 1,000 in total as the plugin license allows. You set your own commission levels, currently 40% on every product under €10, 30% on every product €10.01 and over. Built on Woocommerce you can add any payment gateway you choose. Currently I have PayPal and Stripe installed, ready to take payments direct to your accounts.

    All you need to do is drive traffic via social media to the store and you will make sales, earning as much commission as you wish to set.

    How does the process work?

    1. A visitor will browse through the website and add products to his/her cart.
    2. On checkout they can create an account and make payment.
    3. You receive an email that an order has been placed.
    4. A Chrome browser extension magically does the rest in a couple of clicks! Select the order, press a button, the customer's name, address etc is entered into the AliExpress order form along with a note so that the seller understands you are dropshipping and not to include any promotion or invoice price.
    5. You make payment to AliExpress and the order is sent to the customer.
    6. When the order is processed, you can sync the tracking with a click of a button. The customer will receive an "Order complete" email and the tracking code that they can enter into the website to track the whereabouts of their order.
    7. That is all there is to it!
    Every product rating, review and price is automatically updated daily so you will have fresh reviews, star ratings (rich snippets) and never lose out on the pricing of your products! If a product price rises on AliExpress, it will also rise on the store with your set commission rate.

    How do I add more products?

    This is the fun part (other than earning high commissions!). Simply browser through AliExpress and select products one by one to add to the store. Click an "Import" button and the products are automatically added to your store. You can edit each product to make them look better, removing and correcting grammar etc. Most of the time, everything looks good just as it is. I have personally added over 600+ selected products that are highly rated and have a high number of orders on AliExpress so the store is already populated with good popular products.

    Why bid on the auction?

    If you are looking for a long term project that you can build into a good online business, dropshipping is a really good way to do it. I have seen dropshipping sites on Flippa sell for $10,000s or more because they hit a really good niche and over time have built up into high revenue generating businesses.

    You have a fantastic brand-able name "That's So Nifty" (already no 1 in Google!), easy to remember and a store full or interesting products. It is deemed to succeed over time with a little effort with promotion. If you already have a good social following, simply share some of the products and they may go viral bringing in lots of sales and earning you tons of revenue commissions.

    It is a website that doesn't require any experience and I am here to guide you all the way until you make your first couple of sales and afterwards, should you need any help and support. I will be there all the way with you on your journey to riches. When it gets really big, you will probably want to tip me ;)

    What's included in the sale?

    Domain name ThatsSoNifty.com free transfer to your NameCheap account.

    Migration to your hosting or I can set you up with a month free on a VIP hosting plan. Hosting is $8 a month which is ample for this website even with 1000s of daily visitors.

    Full support until you make your first sale and afterwards if you need me. I will make sure you fully understand how to run this drop-ship store.


    The website is brand new so there are no customers as of yet. It has not been promoted, I made a post on Twitter but that's about all.

    I have fully tested the process with a couple of real purchases and it all works perfectly. My son was very happy with his Minecraft t-shirt which arrived within 14 days from China to Spain.

    The theme is a premium theme, Avada and fully updatable.

    The plugins are fully licensed to the domain with free updates.


    This is a business built with a lot of hours put into it. It can be turned into something quite amazing with a little effort on promotion. It has an amazing brand-able name. It has amazing products and you can add up to 1,000, that is almost 400 more of your choice. You can remove products you don't think will sell and replace them with others as long as you have the maximum of 1000 products. If you require more products, the plugin developer offers other licenses with higher amounts of products, however, 1000 is plenty for this type of niche.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.
    Good luck and happy bidding!
    canaryspace, May 2, 2019 IP
  2. Gary Leech

    Gary Leech Peon

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    I am interested in your website - thatssonifty.com.

    Would it be possible to get short-term, temporary access to the Google Analytics?

    Hope to hear back from you.

    PS. I have included my email address below.

    Kind Regards,

    Gary Leech
    Gary Leech, May 2, 2019 IP
  3. canaryspace

    canaryspace Well-Known Member

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    I have added you to Analytics although there isn't much traffic as I am not promoting this site. It is a fully functional starter site in the dropship niche. Over $100 worth of plugins and theme. Easy to run and ready to go. Reserve has been dropped.
    canaryspace, Jun 6, 2019 IP