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Rules Allowed or Not - [Quick Reference]

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by mcfox, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Allowed or not. A quick reference.

    The following list is by no means comprehensive. It is intended as a quick reference. Please read through the forum FAQs and also the various 'sticky' threads in the relevant sections.

    Allowed: most things
    Not allowed: asking for reputation, adult sites. Encouraging other members to PM you for things forbidden by DP rules is not allowed.
    Note: linking to vcc sales or stumbles, etc. within the forums is not allowed (i.e. old vcc, currency exchange, etc. sales threads) but linking to external sites is okay.

    Allowed: most things (personal images, business graphics)
    Not allowed: NSFW (Not Safe For Work), racist, hateful, etc. Use your discretion, or we will use ours.


    Affiliate Links
    Allowed: Only in signatures
    Not allowed: In posts, PMs, or landing pages. Any vague or ambiguous offers for signups, referrals, or anything else perceived as affiliate "garbage" will be deleted and infractions given.

    Asking for, or offering, reputation, is not allowed.

    tinyurl / URL redirects (masked URLs)
    Allowed: Only in signatures
    Not Allowed: no tinyurl or other url redirects (masked URLs) allowed in any threads or posts.
    Note: For infraction purposes, tinyurls / other url redirects are counted as affiliate links.


    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: no user accounts of any kind can be bought, sold or traded (including, but not limited to, DigitalPoint, myspace, rapidshare, ebay, gmail, hotmail, etc.). This includes any services that promote the creation or sale of accounts in any forums, social networking sites, or anything else that involves the transfer of personal registration.

    COMMENTING and other spam related services
    Allowed: none
    Not Allowed: no services that rely on spamming to achieve links, including but not limited to, profile link spamming, blog commenting, youtube commenting, etc. This also includes selling lists of blogs or websites, or any other automated, semi-automated, or manual service that offers to create accounts on blogs, forums, or social networking/Web 2.0 sites.

    Currency Exchanges
    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: no currency exchanges or money transactions whatsoever of any kind are allowed on Digital Point.

    Currency Loans
    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: No asking for, or offering of, loans. This includes buying something for someone "for a small fee".

    Duplicate Threads
    Do not
    create more than one thread to promote your product or service (this includes modified titles or content that still refer to your same items). If you wish to draw attention to a "buried" thread, create a link to that thread in your personal signature. Duplicate threads will be deleted, and duplicate thread or spamming (5-point) infractions will be given.

    Email lists
    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: No buying, selling, trading or giving away for free, any email lists.

    Freebie Offers and Less than or = $5
    Sales threads with a value of $5 (five dollars) or less
    belong in the Cheap Stuff forum. And posting $5.01 will not change our perception of the value. Clearly specify the value of your product or service in your title to avoid confusion (ie. "$5 per month--minimum two months", "$5 per year", "$5 permanent").

    Gift Cards & Certificates / Numbers
    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: No buying, selling, trading or giving away for free, any gift cards or certificates. (Includes but not limited to; iTunes, Wii, Wow)

    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: No invites of any kind (Includes but not limited to, Bitme, Demonoid, stumbledon, torrents)

    Physical Goods
    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: no physical goods to be bought, sold, traded, or given away via BST section of Digital Point (including but not limited to, shoes, earrings, cameras, ipods, phones, computers). Try eBay or Craigslist.

    Do not create threads that refer to other threads you have created. Use your signature to draw attention to your older threads.

    Sales Elsewhere
    Do not create threads that point to a sale elsewhere, including but not limited to, eBay, Sedo, Flippa or any site that allows sales.

    Do not create threads that make accusations against other members. Use itrader, reputation, or post your feedback in the transaction thread.

    Serials / Keys
    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: No buying, selling, trading or giving away for free, serials or keys (includes but not limited to, Call of Duty and other games; Software serials, e.g. Adobe)

    Signups/Referrals/Affiliate Offers
    Do not create threads that offer incentives to your affiliate programs. This includes any offers for paid sign-ups, redirections to landing pages, luring members to reply to incentive offers, or any other affiliate-related nonsense.

    Spamming Software/Services
    Allowed: none

    Stumbles / Diggs / Social Bookmarking / Social Networking
    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: No buying or selling of services; no exchanges; no freebies. (This also includes microblogging services like Twitter, Tumblr, Spoink, etc. or any other social network)
    No Twitter friend following, tweets, blasts, friend adding, bots, profile creation, etc.
    No Facebook announcements, fan pages, groups, etc.
    No Youtube comments, etc.
    No Xrumer or any other "blasting" services.
    No Myspace bulletins, announcements, etc.
    No Yahoo answers.

    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: no selling, buying, or trading of VCC (Virtual Credit Card) or VCC-related products.

    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: Don't offer to sell or trade anything that is copyrighted, stolen, or illegal. Common sense.

    ** When creating a new thread, do NOT ask people to "reply in thread if interested". These threads will be closed, and you will not be able to create a new one.


    "PM Sent"
    Do not
    post "PM sent", "I sent you the details", "check your inbox", or any other related terms. People know when they get a Private Message.

    Bumping Threads
    Do not
    bump or ask people to bump threads with "PM me details", "send me the URL", "I'm interested", "sold", or any other unnecessary post that can be made by PM. See this forum announcement.

    Review Copies
    Do NOT post asking: "can I have a review copy?". Send your request by PM.
    Do NOT post asking: "can I have a discount?". Send your request by PM.
    Do NOT exchange itrader for reviews.

    ** In addition, when responding to someone's thread, you may not post in the thread to "send more information", "PM me the details", "PM sent", or anything similar. If you are interested and don't have a valid question that applies to everyone else then you must PM the OP. **

    Posting Offers
    Do not
    reply to threads with your copy and paste offers (including "check out this thread", "check my signature", or "I have a blog, interested?"). Instead, take the time to send a worthwhile PM to your potential business client. Copy/paste posts, junk posts, and other ambiguous replies will be treated as spam and will be deleted, wasting your time and ours. We may also issue spam infractions which could very quickly lead to a ban.


    >>> CHANGES (Added May, 2008) <<<
    Changes to the BST - Read or Receive Infractions

    Asking For or Offering Reputation Not Permitted also Asking for Likes is not Permitted.
    Money/Currency Exchanges Are Not Allowed Here!
    COMMENTING and other spam related services not allowed
    Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yahoo, etc.. advertising NOT allowed
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    mcfox, Nov 17, 2008 IP
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