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Selling 100% automated - Over 7K Article Published - Near 5000 Registered User !

Discussion in 'Sites' started by systemthings, Jan 8, 2012.

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    *The domain name, AllArticlesBase.info (push to your Godaddy account for free!)

    *Website files and databases

    *Full support until it is fully operational


    AllArticlesBase.info is an Article Directory based on WordPress, thus it's easy to manage and configure. The theme was designed solely to match an article directory requirements and purposes, to ease the visitors and boost their experience visiting the website. It's clean and neat to read and the articles are packed with informative messages AllArticlesBase.info is certainly the people's choice of publishing their articles.

    Optimizations has been done with the website, supported with powerful plugins to enhance performance. Some of the plugins used on AllArticlesBase.info are:

    * All in One SEO Pack

    * Relevanssi

    * W3 Total Cache

    * WP Auto Tagger

    * Get Social

    * Sitemap Plugins

    * MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

    * And a lot more to add

    Wide Range of Categories

    The website is designed to contain many topics, ranging from Business, Automotive, Technology, Health, to Sports. The lot of articles in each category is the key of making this website awesomely informative and useful for the readers.

    High Number of Registered Members

    We have nearly 5000 registered members who are willing to submit articles to the website for nothing. We also have their e-mail address stored so you can make another use of it.

    Auto Approve

    Submitted articles are automatically approved and live without any delay! This means you don't need to perform the tiring task to approve them manually. You don't need to write anything, hire a writer, or use any software. It's all included in this website.

    Auto Ping (Fast Indexed)

    Approved articles are automatically pinged to a huge list of ping sites. Thus they are fast indexed by google and that would boost your Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) performance as well as adding value to its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score.

    In short, AllArticlesBase.info is an Auto Growing Website!

    There are now OVER 7,000 ARTICLES published on the website. This number increase as there are articles willing submitted! That is the power of this Auto-Growing Directory.


    *OVER 7,000 ARTICLES published on the website!

    *We have nearly 5,000 registered members who are willing to submit articles to the website for nothing!

    That is the power of this Auto-Growing Directory.

    You can monetize the website using various programs, including but not limited to: Google Adsense or other PPC programs, Amazon, ClickBank, Banner Selling, etc. Also, you can boost the performance by promoting through Facebook, Google Adwords, etc.

    If you need any additional information, you are welcomed to ask me in person.
    Please do note that winner of the auction will have to complete payment within 48 hours via PayPal.

    No files or domain will be transferred before payment is fully received.

    If you have anything to discuss, just let me know.
    systemthings, Jan 8, 2012 IP
  2. gavo

    gavo Active Member

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    If its fully automated with 5000 registered users ready to submit why does the Rss feed only show 2 new articles in the last 8 Months?
    gavo, Jan 8, 2012 IP
  3. ht125

    ht125 Notable Member

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    hey.... BIN $33
    dont expect a real thing !! :)
    ht125, Jan 8, 2012 IP
  4. bradym

    bradym Peon

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    Please Verify domain .
    bradym, Jan 9, 2012 IP