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Selling 10 Y/O Domain|Full SEO Site| Genuine Content Specially Written Articles

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Seo Master18, Nov 21, 2018.

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    This site is specially designed and developed from ground based proper SEO rules. Low competition keywords and proper research/analysis is done on every step. Authority Domain with proper backlinks.

    Thank you for checking out my listing.

    As i mentioned earlier that proper research and analysis has been conducted in order to make the site on each and every step. What exactly do i mean by this ?

    Lets take a look at the domain first (AngerManagementStrategy.com)

    Strong Backlinking
    The domain is 10 years old, (Pretty Authoritative huh!) and has some strong Backlinks that makes it easier to rank in the Google. Also the backlinks that are created are not just the backlinks that are comment links. Proper backlinking of whole URL is done and the domain is mentioned within content. To ensure you have a clear status of what i just claimed i am putting some backlinks here:

    1. www.selfgrowth.com/anger.html
    2. viesearch.com/sm2m/anger-management-strategy
    3. www.webwiki.com/angermanagementstrategy.com
    4. www.forum.exscn.net/threads/how-do-you-deal-with-the-anger
    5. poetic-dictionary.com/anger-management
    6. www.sorach.com/article/index.php/www.ezbeddinghub.info
    7. beautifulinspiringmotivationallife/taking-anger-management-class.html
    8. methdrugaddiction.com/ied-intermittant-explosive-disorder-and-anger-management/
    9. icedrugaddiction.com/ied-intermittant-explosive-disorder-and-anger-management/
    10. crystal--meth.com/crystal-methamphetamine/ied-intermittant-explosive-disorder-and-anger-management/
    11. angermanagementreport.blogspot.com/2009/10/do-you-need-anger-management-class.html
    Go click any of them and you will be able to see the quality of how they were made. They are embedded in the content. Moreover the backlinks are creatde in the similar niche targed sites which means anyone coming to your site is a potential targeted customer.

    PA & DA
    The PA (Page Authority ) and DA (Domain Authority)of the domain is pretty good.

    PA : 12 DA : 11

    This indicates how much valuable the domain is. Anyone with a basic knowledge of SEO know what these insights mean.

    Now lets move to the Content Part :

    This listing is different from others as it is from the very scratch have been developed and deployed from the SEO perspective and for Ranking Higher in the Google.

    The site has been developed using the following Low Competition Keywords :

    1. Anger management Search Volume: 100K – 1M
    2. Adhd symptoms Search Volume:100K – 1M
    3. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Search Volume:100K – 1M
    4. ADHD Search Volume:100K – 1M
    5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Search Volume:100K – 1M
    6. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Search Volume:10K – 100K
    7. Anxiety Search Volume: 100K – 1M
    8. Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Search Volume:10K – 100K
    9. What is Bipolar Disorder Search Volume:10K –100K
    10. Bipolar Disorder Search Volume: 100K – 1M
    11. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Search Volume: 100K – 1M
    12. Anger Management Techniques Search Volume:1K – 10K
    13. How to Deal With Anger Search Volume:1K – 10K
    and many many more. For example : With the keyword (How to deal with anger) are the following long-tail keywords attached with it in a single post

    • how to deal with anger issues,
    • how to deal with anger management,
    • how to deal with anger in a relationship,
    • how to deal with,
    • how to deal with anger problems anger and frustration,
    • how to deal with anger and anxiety,
    • how to deal with your anger
    and this has been done with each and every post.

    Moreover images used are not subjected to any kind of copyrights and are carefully selected from big freebie image libraries like Pixabay and Unsplash thus making it completely genuine. All of the images are SEO optimized.

    Lets move on the SEO part:

    Our expert team spent countless hours to get this done for you:

    1. Niche Research
    2. Low Competition Keyword Research
    3. Proper Site Structure to get easily crwaled by google.
    4. Proper Permalink Structure
    and all important aspects to get you going right


    All of the cotent written is carefully written and complete On Page SEO has been done on each article. This includes features like :

    • Heading texts
    • Outbound links
    • Inbound links
    • Synonym Handling of texts
    • Tags
    • Proper URL
    • Title of the Post specially Designed to get indexed
    and all the best ON PAGE SEO practices.

    Google analytics has been added and maintained on the site.


    All the Off Page SEO things have also been handled from Backlinks to Canonical URLS. Site URLS have been handled to optimize and crawled with latest google algorithms.


    All of the site is completely indexed in google. You can check that by simply going to google.com and writting in search bar:


    or you can simply CLICK HERE


    The starting price for the site is 109$. Buying it on this price will get you.

    1. Domain transfer to your account.
    2. Site Setup and Transfer to your account.
    3. Excellent After Sales Support
    However the customer buying it on BUY IT NOW price will get

    1. Free 1 month Hosting
    2. 5 Digital and Affiliate Marketing Books to get you going on road of success
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    I dont know what more to write about this site. Instead of buying a site that has scraped and used content why not get a site that has already the HARD PART done for you and with genuine content.

    About Us:

    We are one of the leading sellers on top sites selling marketplaces in the world.

    With more than 1100+ sites currently on our servers and increasing. On any niche and affilaite amazon product of any kind. We can make any kind of site for you.

    For any more quries feel free to text me here or contact
    me on skype :

    We will be more than happy to help you.
    Seo Master18, Nov 21, 2018 IP