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ZeyDoo CPA-Network – TOP offers of the week

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Zeydoo, Jan 18, 2022.

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    Hey guys!
    Today we’re glad to present you the TOP ZeyDoo offers of this week.

    4515 | Tap Light Extension Edge LP1

    AU, CA, GB $0.640
    DE $0.480
    FR $0.320
    going perfect on US

    4488 OperaGX Preland

    for pops, soft KPI broadcasts rr50% in the first day
    GB, US $4.4
    AT, AU, BE, CA, CH, DE, FR, NZ $3.2
    BR $0.96
    ES, IT, PL, PT, RU $0,8"

    4505 | Kwai CO

    mobile app, Android
    CO $0.192

    2911 | Entertainment Factory PH (Smart) - pop
    A famous mobile content offer. This offer is dedicated to pop traffic.
    Pin submit
    CR 1.47
    PH $0.284

    4399 TIM Controle BR

    ‼️ Forbidden: adult, Incent, misleading, bots, fraud, In-app

    3856 | GameSport

    KPI: 50% to 1st Bill
    CR 0.93
    AM, BY, KG, KZ, MD, RU, TJ, TM, UZ $1.600
    UA $0.960

    4314 Santander Cartões SX

    Santander signup for Credit Card, по CPL
    $8 for approved application
    $4 to everyone without approving
    All traffic.
    ‼️ Forbidden: adult, Incent, misleading, bots, fraud

    Drive traffic to our offers and be calm about your future. Stay stable even if the market is stormy
    Zeydoo, Jan 18, 2022 IP
  2. Zeydoo

    Zeydoo Greenhorn

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    Today is Friday, which means...

    A particularly hot selection of offers that are converting well is waiting for you in your ZeyDoo personal account
    This time we really want to focus your attention to the top three:

    1. 5932 | DateHiker SOI tier1

    2. 5776 | YesSingles SOI tier1t

    3. 5775 | WeMeetToday SOI tier1

    • GEOs: AU, CA, GB, NZ, US
    • PAYOUTS: $3.2 – ID 5932, $2.4 – ID 5776 and ID 5775
    • TRAFFIC: push, banner, native, e-mail works best
    • CAP: 50 leads daily per affiliate before quality approval
    • NO: Doorways, Rebrokering, Incent traffic, ClickUnder/PopUnder Bot, Fraud

    More info about these offers can be found in your ZeyDoo personal account – use the offer ID or name in its entirety.
    Zeydoo, Jun 24, 2022 IP
  3. Zeydoo

    Zeydoo Greenhorn

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    Hello everyone!

    The ZeyDoo team is bursting to you with wonderful news!

    On July 6, in exactly one week, the ZeyDoo CPA network will meet you in the hot Spanish capital of Catalonia – Barcelona at Affiliate World Europe upload_2022-7-1_14-13-39.gif

    You can expect:

    • a network with the brightest minds of the affiliate marketing industry;
    • large masterminds right on stage;
    • more than 4,000 participants from more than 100 countries – each with their own experience!

    See you on July 6, Fira de Barcelona, at booth№B27 – we will discuss all the innovations of the affiliate marketing market, share real-life hacks and, of course, find something to work on!

    P.S. There will be cool merch available to buy, get ready! By the way, you can leave your backpacks at home, because we have prepared a couple of special ones for you upload_2022-7-1_14-13-39.gif
    Zeydoo, Jul 1, 2022 IP
  4. ManiPr

    ManiPr Greenhorn

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    Monthly income of $ 1000 to $ 3000 with affiliate-system website !

    What is an affiliate-system website?

    I will explain with an example, let's assume that you work on the Ali Express store website and sell its products as affiliate marketing. Now, in order to get more profit from selling products, you create a website for yourself and place Ali Express products with their specifications, including photos, descriptions, and your affiliate link.

    You spend a whole day adding products to your website and you see that you were able to add only 10 to 15 products to your website. This work really brings extreme fatigue and it is very likely that you will give up this work.

    To solve this problem, the affiliate system site provided us with a tool that allows us to find all the hundred thousand products of the Ali Express website with all the specifications, including photos, descriptions and affiliate links, with a few clicks Put your website.

    Now you may have this question, how is it possible to enter all 100,000 affiliate products on our website at the same time?

    For the convenience of people who sell products as affiliates, store websites such as Ali Express provide you with an Excel file of all products that contain product photos, product descriptions, and product affiliate links that are specific to you. To get the Excel file, you should go to the website of the store whose products you are going to sell, and here we have taken Ali Express as an example.

    Another very useful thing that the affiliate system website has is that you don't need to buy a host for your website that you design in the affiliate system, and all these things are without the need to buy a host.

    The last word

    Affiliate system is a very useful and interesting site, and you can create infinite affiliate stores with hundreds of thousands of products each and receive several thousand dollars in commissions at the same time.

    I hope that I have been able to convey my meaning to you, I will give you the website address below.

    ManiPr, Jul 5, 2022 IP
  5. Zeydoo

    Zeydoo Greenhorn

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    134% ROI
    on sweepstakes? Easily!

    The ZeyDoo team explains this in a new case study prepared with our colleagues from PropellerAds.

    • Offer: 2072 CO – Sweepstake Offers

    • Spent: $620

    • Profit: $1452

    How to make the right choice of GEO, information about working with creatives (and their examples) can be found in the article itself. Follow the link to learn new life-hacks and, of course, have time to put them into practice

    ZeyDoo managers can always be reached
    Zeydoo, Jul 18, 2022 IP