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youtube demonetization, worthy replacement for monetization of video is dtube.

Discussion in 'Google' started by darkhorse30, Jan 30, 2018.

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    so youtube recently demonetized users with small amount of views on their channel, i was affected by it, but thankfully there is dtube , its a decentralized video upload platform that pays out in steem cryptocurrency, thats way cooler than youtube as the amount you make increases with the value of the steem, i have had a couple of upvotes to my video that wasnt much since i probably didnt have that much views but its way better than i had recieved with little views on youtube and its decentralized so no one authority can wake up some day and decide to demonetize its users. you can check it out at https://d.tube/
    i will just list below platforms connected to the steem blockchain that you can earn from apart from dtube which is a video upload and sharing platform built on the steem blockchain.

    this is the main face of the steem blockchain, everyother platforms are connected to the steem blockchain through steemit, this means you can post to steemit through any of the other platforms. its more of a blogging platform/ social media.

    share your memes here and earn from it

    share your sounds and recordings here and earn from it. somewhat like what you have with soundcloud.

    stream your videos live and earn from it

    twitter like platform you earn from your zaps

    facebook kind of social network that you can earn from.

    all these are built on the steem blockchain and you can earn steem on all these platforms.
    darkhorse30, Jan 30, 2018 IP
  2. Bartolomeok

    Bartolomeok Peon

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    and how they have omentizatsiyu? What is the payment?
    Bartolomeok, Jan 31, 2018 IP
  3. darkhorse30

    darkhorse30 Active Member

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    you get paid in steem cryptocurrency.
    darkhorse30, Jan 31, 2018 IP