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Youtube Channel Question

Discussion in 'All Other Search Engines' started by charmingvideos, Feb 17, 2021.

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    I have a Youtube Channel with lots of videos made. All videos relate to different topics such as bakeries, social media, real estate and so on...

    My question is this: Can I create sub-categories on my Youtube Channel?

    Example: A category called real estate videos and list all videos relating to that topic under that category.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you a bunch.
    charmingvideos, Feb 17, 2021 IP
  2. JEET

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    You can create playlists and categorize videos in those.
    Create playlists in video upload page. That's the easiest place I know from where you can create playlists.
    Then go to edit video section, select the video you want, and tick the play list in which you want the video to be in.
    Do this for all your videos.

    Why do you want this anyways?
    It does not affects your video listing in search.
    JEET, Feb 18, 2021 IP