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Discussion in 'Websites' started by David Oxley, May 11, 2018.


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    We have recently launched a new web application called toohoot.com - SAAS offering content management and direct linkage of content with design capabilities. Traffic is still very low and we hope to build up over the coming months. We haven't done much UX testing and my biggest concerns are: is there too much information on our home page? Are our calls to action (register) appropriate? Is there anything on the site that is a put off to visitors (UX mainly done with friends and family and have they been biased/honest in their feedback)? Feedback - positive or negative - is very welcome. Much appreciated if you could take a few minutes to have a look and comment. URL is https://toohoot.com.
    many thanks in advance!
    David Oxley, May 11, 2018 IP