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You are missing out..

Discussion in 'General Business' started by masterofdomains106@gmail., Mar 16, 2008.

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    I like to help people but more and more, I am noticing something that I thought I would I would bring to people's attention in regards to making money.

    Why you are failing or not making any money, its because you are letting your emotions and what "you" think is best. For example, let's look at website buying/selling. Now i know there are many sites out there that aren't that interesting and truly aren't geared towards you the client. What I have seen and I steer away from is people buy sites and everything fizzles. I have been there and done that.

    People are buying sites that they think are cash cows but those saturated niches that you are buying will take alot of time and effort. You won't see any type of return for quite some time. No, seriously..

    Now then you meet people who really know what's up in regards to making money and making profit. They truly are two separate things. I make alot of content sites. Some of the topics I absolutely despise talking about because I think they are boring but I know once I get it going, I am rolling in the dough.

    I make decent money but I don't spend many hours burning out my eyes and hurting my back. I probably spend 10-15 hours a week if that and the ROI is phenomenal. Some topics interest me while others bore me to tears and I have no clue why these people have it set up.

    Blogging makes a lot of money, There is so much money on the table in niches that people know about but are too scared to try it out because they think because of one thing or another. Hey, keep thinking those saturated markets you are in is helping your bank account.

    The other thought is that if I continuously add content to my site, well I'll move up on the ranks, no people. Your goal is to become an authority site. Drive all the best of the best to your site. So that when your potential visitors are searching for things, that you are in the loop as well.

    SEO isn't very hard, not at all. The companies want you to think that it's hard but it isn't.
    It's all about the benjamins. I started with nothing 13 years ago. I now have alot that I thank myself for taking the time to research and implement.

    I am here to help as I am sure there are alot of others out there that will help you as well.

    Don't abuse the person's time.

    Good Luck!
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