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Yahoo Chatting

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by sureshprasad, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. linearblade

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    Yahoo chatting, aka Ewhoring is not something you can just pickup and do. you can expect to earn about 30 / day with experienced chatters (much less if you are employing someone to do the chatting for u). Like bulk mailing, its very profitable but unless your already 'in the game' your probably just going to either a) get stopped by yahoo / facebook / chat room x OR b) you will get eaten alive by fraud and black listed by whomever (unless its your intention to do fraud to your vendors, in which case yo dont really need chatters)

    Its also important to note that the johns arent nearly as dumb as they were 5 years ago... so much like internet advertising and emailing, just being slick with with words etc wont get you very far
    linearblade, Aug 18, 2011 IP