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XtremeBB 0.1.0 Released!

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Sir Rusty, Sep 25, 2008.

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    Link: http://xtremebb.com

    XtremeBB is a free forum software based on PHP & MySQL!

    XtremeBB 0.1.0 has been released!
    Xtreme dot com visit there and join the community! Download our latest release today!

    Features v0.1.0

    >> The forum admin page is arranged so that you can see and edit all forums at once.
    1. Edit multiple forums at the same time, see forum order and separators as they will appear on the actual forums page.
    2. Add and delete separators and delete forums with a single click.
    3. Add new forums in a blink of an eye.
    >> Admin panel offers of course also full control over users, FAQ and Site Info, as well as shows detailed information on people currently browsing the forums
    Thread's insights are designed to look easy on the eye, with minimalistic and slim space usage that is sure to offer you an easy-to-read topic.
    >> The threads overview is designed so that there is nothing else other than the essential information in sight, so that your browsing experience is as smooth as possible.
    1. Threads containing new posts are highlighted for better readability.
    2. New thread form is right on the same page as the actual threads. If you are on a mood for a new topic, there is no easier way to start one than this!
    1. BB-Code is supported. This includes the usual ones, such as text formatting and emoticons, but also has an inbuilt feature that creates thumbnails of images dynamically.
    2. Your post's controls right where you expect them to be. Edit, delete and quote with one click.
    3. Add a reply. Instantaneously. For even quicker reply creation, you can use the message quick editing controls (that are hidden by default, so that they don't clutter the view).
    4. Easy moderation. No need to leave the thread to perform operations on it; move, lock or set as sticky comfortably while reading the thread.
    >> Forums are based on template files that you can modify with a minimal knowledge of html and css to produce custom looks.
    >> Default theme is built on loose XHTML that can be reshuffled nearly with no limits. This enables you to integrate forums with practically any existing site layout.
    >> You can add your own themes and translations, users can then select which ones they want to use in their control panel.
    If someone posts a solution, use the "Best Answer" link in their post to pick it as the best answer.
    Sir Rusty, Sep 25, 2008 IP