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XenForo --> SMF converter?

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by landyvlad, Oct 18, 2018.

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    There is a possibility that I may take over a XenForo site.

    In case this does happen, I'd much prefer to convert it to SMF
    1. Because that's what I'm used to; and
    2. Because XenForo costs money I don't have.

    It appears to be a current / recent version of XenForo in use (2.0 or even 2.1)

    I looked at the list of converters here: https://download.simplemachines.org/index.php?converters
    and cannot find any converter for XenForo listed there. [​IMG]

    XenForo seems reasonably widely used, so I'd have thought a converter would be available ?

    Alternatively, does anyone know whether myBB or phpbb forum software has converters for importing Xenforo forums? If so maybe it could be achieved via a two stage process. Convert Xenforo -> other free forum software -> SMF

    I'd much rather do it directly though, as probably less chance of screw ups and it's important that I retain everything including obviously all users/passwords

    Any and all help, constructive suggestions and advice welcome OTHER than "Don't use SMF"
    landyvlad, Oct 18, 2018 IP
  2. landyvlad

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    landyvlad, Oct 19, 2018 IP