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Xen Foro Tags - XenForo tagging

Discussion in 'XenForo' started by Revelations-Decoder, Feb 20, 2015.

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    The best way to add "Tags" to Xen Foro, or the best XenForo tagging choices.

    As people may know "Tagging" is a really important aspect of SEO these days and for all intents and purposes has if you think about it almost replaced the old Keyword Mata Tag system in one aspect/respect.

    Anyhows what I would like to know is what addons are there others have come across that give the standard tagging system, the like of which we would find on WP (WordPress) and other forms of tagging like perhaps the newer hash-tag form of tagging?
    What are your fav addons/plugins available for XenForo in regard to tagging in it's various forms please?


    Am really interested in what folks think is the best tagging system that is like the type we see on WP in the main though so any info you have on what you have found to be best would be gratefully received! :)
    Revelations-Decoder, Feb 20, 2015 IP