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Xen Foro Logo - How many items entries are there for Xen foro logos

Discussion in 'XenForo' started by Revelations-Decoder, Jun 28, 2014.

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    I have been preparing the backend of a Xen Foro Forum and came across the fact that there are more than one entry in the code for Xen Foro Logos

    So for example if you click on a standard Xen Foro logo it gives you a 120by36 logo saying just "Xen" then if you look in the source code of the index page you get a logo of both words "Xen" and "Foro" with a size of 200by 2000 with the words slightly below half way down and to the right slightly allignment wise or at least that's how it looks to me.

    So are these the only entries and is it easier to just replace these images wiht ones that a forum owner can get made up and leave them as the same file names or is there easier ways to deal with this aspect?
    Bearing in mind that the intention for this Xen foro site is to just use the basic style properties colour palete in Xen foro to make it match as near as to a standard v2.0.4 Twitter Bootstrap style, (though without the invese top bar black bar across the top - which I plan to add at a later date but looks complicated) but with just two link colour alterations to that version of Twitter Bootstrap.

    So does anyone know what the best way to tackle the Xen foro logo is and how many more entires there are other than the two I have found since installation earlier today?
    Revelations-Decoder, Jun 28, 2014 IP
  2. Matthew2D

    Matthew2D Well-Known Member

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    All you have to do is go into the header style properties and change the logo link.
    Matthew2D, Jun 28, 2014 IP
  3. Revelations-Decoder

    Revelations-Decoder Well-Known Member

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    Thanks and I note after looking in the header and navigation style part of style properties that the logo height is stated as 50px which is diefferent from both of those I had found and mentioned above but do you happen to know what the recommended width is to go wiht that 50px height?

    Does anyone else have any experience of changing that 50px height and of experimenting wiht width of logo sizes at all by any chance?

    Seems really weird that the \Facebook Opengraph one is the 200by200 one I mentioned above and the styles/default/xenforo/logo.png one is the "xen" only word one that shows as a 35px image if opened in a new window just as the image.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2014
    Revelations-Decoder, Jun 28, 2014 IP