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Discussion in 'Websites' started by TampaDave, Apr 7, 2004.

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    I completed the site a week or so go. There's not much in it except stuff from friends and family trying to help.

    Please take a look and let me know about layout, navigation, structure, etc, etc. Do you think it's a good idea? I know there are other sites out there like BizRate and Epinions. I've never used them, but I wanted to build somethng easy to use and targeted to the service industry. I'm trying to get something like a free Angie's List going (www.angieslist.com). Angie's List is a directory of recommened business. Recommendations come from members, who pay $50 a year.
    I want it to be a business and product review site, not a Web Gripe site. I hope to get both positive and negative review posts. I want people to be able to research businesses before hiring one.

    I know from experience how difficult it is to get a discussion board going, or to build a directory based on user input. Any suggestions on how to get this ball rolling would be greatly appreciated!

    TampaDave, Apr 7, 2004 IP
  2. hans

    hans Well-Known Member

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    a brief look at the very basics


    Fatal Error: No DOCTYPE specified!

    i may have a look again . if you wish - after such basic tests pass

    in addition

    basic SEO as published for misohoni.com here in forum re alt tags, anchor text, etc apply in full to your site as well
    hans, Apr 8, 2004 IP
  3. TampaDave

    TampaDave Peon

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    Thanks Hans-

    Angie's List is a site I'm using as a reference for the market I'm targeting - that's not the site I'm asking for a review on.

    The url of my site is www.ServiceReportCard.biz

    I read one of your other posts about DOCTYPE and went back to one of my sites and added it in. I walways thought it was optional....

    Going to add it to Service Report Card.

    What's yor feel on title tag in links? I don't have any images, so no alt tags....


    P.S. added DOCTYPE -done
    TampaDave, Apr 9, 2004 IP
  4. hans

    hans Well-Known Member

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    if you study a few hundreds of different pages displayed in search answers from various SEs
    then you realize
    different SE different priorities or weight on various page parts ..

    H1 titles have high priority
    links ( anchor texts ) also
    mixing these two gives no apparent benefits - but may give
    disadvantages by loosing one potential instance of having a keyword placed in high weighted text areas

    use keywords in titles PLUS again in anchor text PLUS again in folder/file names Plus in picture names IF picture relevant to topic PLUS in alt tag PLUS in <B> and <i> ...
    that multiplies delicate high priority texts displaying keywords

    may be someone has made other different experience about title+anchor in one ??

    i always use it separately as it simply gives one more logical attention getter
    people look at titles and relevant link-texts
    SE highlight each keyword - hence using both a.m. separately gives double highlighted exposure
    of keywords

    about your site ... after your changes .. pls go to


    make sure is says something really nice about your site !!! :) !!
    it may be the beginning of our success
    before site review

    i never look at the surface of a site, except for the first few seconds, others do that much better than i could
    - i always look deep into a site - and since a site review may easily take up to many hours or half day i learned to first look at very basics before going into details ...

    in my own limited experience it always pays off
    SE is one part of life - directory-entries another part
    and free links from happy customers/visitors another part of FREE publicity ( and thus backlinks )

    when you are getting used to please ALL at once - you find soon ..
    it cost nothing at all to please all - including w3c standards to assure ALL browsers are happy of clean webdesign and to do ALL correct from the very beginning, its just a question of habit.
    once you are used to it - its less than a second to click on syntax control in your professional html generator ( myself i use Quanta plus - usually current version - and syntax check is a single hotkey combination i do before saving pages ..
    the other is spell check ( wrong spelled correct keywords are lost keywords ! :)

    one of many reasons i emphasize on correct code is a FUTURE oriented reason ..

    let me explain briefly ..

    last year for a few months i ventured into mobile phone - a Nokia 3650 ..
    full html4.01, XHTML, CSS, even javascript, ... display with built in browser PLUS opera 7.01 for symbian ( mobile version !! )
    opera 7.01 was besides the built in browser the best one allowing just about ALL options of color page viewing

    smart phones use SSR - Small Screen Rendering -
    to fully, correctly and with all details display any CORRECT web page in a.m. code standards ..

    however the opera 7.01 - the most advanced of all mobile smart phone browsers - besides the original built in browser - i tested during the several months, had a full size of approx 850 or so KB !!

    it is VERY obvious that a browser with less than 900 KB of code resulting in same quality display as a regular browser
    you have FAR less built in work-arounds to compensate for errors, such as missing DTD, missing char sets definition ( NOW on your page ! - leading to fatal error or NO output from C3C )

    in some 850 KB is NO space for thousands of

    if then else queries

    to compensate for human omissions and human errors ... or at least FAR less space

    while some countries may have little mobile phone activity ( we here in PH have plenty !! we are a mobile phone country - more precise a Nokia high end country with all features possible that any Nokia offers including mobile satellite communication )

    it is surely known to you that at least
    Google has a wap-proxy and visits your site to index and proxy your pages
    for surfers of future (and present) generations - i have already some WAP surfers NOW ..

    pages that can be FULLY displayed in a small COLOR screen of a mobile smart phone
    have an advantage over the rest of the careless competition ! correct pages ARE displayed - incorrect pages get lost or un-surfable

    all CLEAN pages of any html4.01 or XHTML CAN be fully displayed without ANY visible loss of data or display - except fewer colors .. (4096 colors on that N3650 )

    those of you venturing into global markets .. Japan certainly is a year or more ahead of most other countries INCLUDING USA and Europe in the USE of smartphones by general public

    in central Europe we have the NEW mobile comunication standards coming up ( they have a technical name i forgot ! :) - the present license holder for this NEW .- totally new - technology are using NEW and much higher frequency ranges ..

    and to GET these frequency ranges for the future mobile phones they paid some 108 or so BILLIONS US $ in a closed auction sometimes in 2000 or so ! some 108 Bio just for the use of new frequency ranges - NOT or any technology or patents or whatever .. that lets you think of how muchy they have to invest in high tech and promo to get customers for a decent ROI ...

    these new standards shall be effective around 2005 or 2006 or so offering mobile phones with many times CURRENT DSL speed. that means in a year or 2 a NEW generation of surfers will be here - the purely high end mobile customers .. at least in central Europe

    and that is ..

    just in trend with mobile processor development ( Intel ), mobile laptop technology, wireless networking, etc ..
    ULTRA high speed via mobile using SSR

    ultra high speed with ultra SMALL devices may mean OR require
    - clean pages in every sense
    - adapted pages to mobile requirements where needed ( table size sometimes needs to be adapted when tables are used, ONE example a full screen size table is rendered CORRECTLY using SSR of Nokia 3650 - with OS Symbian - while half size table is reduced to half screen size and getting TOO small for use and viewing .. )

    - efficient anchor and links for mobile navigation

    may be just use one of the offline simulation-tools to simulate surfing the web by WAP devices ( they are LESS optimized than their real mobile phones, but give you an idea of what can be done and how pages need to be designed for future generation - future meaning NOW and in very near years )

    of course Google offers since LONG - and Yahoo as well - WAP device search
    and at least with Google all results given for a query are then run automatically through the Google WAP-proxy to give
    even shorter but precise web content to mobile Google users !! Sorter in KB NOT in content
    why shorter ?
    mobile users NOW use GPRS protocol and pay BY KB of up and download with many or most MOBILE-PHONE-ISPs such as here in PH and other places ..

    a page after Google proxy is even slimmer than before while preserving FULL content to make mobile surfing faster.

    it is very obvious that to shorten KB without shorten content - Google and similar wap proxies - as well as SSR applying smart phones
    NEED a clean code or they fail to reduce KB with 100 % true content display

    is YOUR site WAP compliant ?

    test it
    invite a friend for a coffee and cake ( or so ) and have him search Google for your top keywords - the ones you are in top 5 or top 10
    as results are displayed often in 5 sites per page
    and see if you are in
    and also surf with a real smart phone some of your important pages to see how they look like ( as a result of such real test i found a.m. re tables and
    adapted my LoveCards to a specail WAP page with smaller thumbnail - and also increased table % size to have full SSR display .. )

    mobile simulators are a beginning but never give the same as a real test with any of the top of the line smart phones or handhelds ..

    just a very UNscientific personal guess after my own last year's mobile surfing venture:

    more than 90% of all NOW existing sites very clearly disqualify for clean mobile display, hence ..
    meaning your 90% or so competition is no longer competition but left-overs from www-stoneage times

    HERE in PH - a minor tourist place in this world - I SEE tourists travel with laptops, using mobile phones and roaming offered by their mobile ISP
    to access the www and their eMail ...

    its nothing futuristic - its NOW - but only used by high end users - may be if YOU have a product or service attractive to THEM ...
    it may be already a benefit NOW to cater to high tech www users EVEN if its only a small % of all

    its like Yahoo or G - people are getting used to those few offering TOP service and TOP quality and those sites are getting a brand name
    unseen and invisible - for offering quality ahead of others ..

    and may be some of most of them stay ahead of all - because they always plan and comply for future technologies BEFORE they are
    applied and used by all

    i still have at least ONE cp/m user surfing my site with a special netscape !! cp/m was in mid 1985 that user had
    a 8b processor ( Z8080 or so ) and most likely 5-8 MHz processor
    ( i used to have cp/m in 1985-1991 )

    <font color="green">cp/m WAS </font>

    ( cp/m IS the most stable OS i have ever seen - even MORE stable than my Linux i use since 1998 !!! )
    - in 5+ years - 1985 - 1991 - of HEAVY daily professional business-use i had 1 single crash because i played in a very
    unqualified way with assembler in my major application and screwed up once :) hence NO single crash or hanger
    or freeze in 5+ years except the single self-inflicted one.)

    <font color="Magenta">WAP IS</font>

    wap on my site is more frequent than cp/m ! and visits are increasing - because most of my pages ARE built for WAP because fully w3c compliant - unless i make an error -
    and the ones missing WAP-qualification are modified one at a time - slowly but surely !!

    and yours ?
    hans, Apr 9, 2004 IP
  5. CP/M User

    CP/M User Peon

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    hans wrote:

    i still have at least ONE cp/m user surfing my site with a special netscape !! cp/m was in mid 1985 that user had
    a 8b processor ( Z8080 or so ) and most likely 5-8 MHz processor
    ( i used to have cp/m in 1985-1991 )

    Your also forgetting that CP/M was also on a number of other 16 bit computers which ranged from the 68000 based Motorola processors as well as anything backward compatable to a 8086 processor which ranged from non-IBM compatable machines to the IBMs and their compatables in the form of CP/M-86.

    You might be suprised that CP/M started around the mid-70s on 8080 Intel based processors and when the Zilogs Z80s came along later they were also compatable, since they were 8080 compatable with a few more assembly instructions to hold.

    So what happened to CP/M on the IBM? Marketing sales and direct competition guaranteed DOS was gonna first chair - even though there were some altercations from the CP/M creator Gary Kildale's wife which sent IBM back to Microsoft. After months of negoations they got IBM to market CP/M-86 v1.0 for a lousy $300 and DOS was sold for something like $60!

    After that Digital Research brought out CP/M-86 v1.1 and marketed it themselves (which at the same time they were selling an updated version of CP/M-86 v1.1 much less than what IBM were selling v1.0). v1.1 had more improvements with the Support for Hard Disk mainly, FIDDs might have been new too (for DOS go'ers FIDDs work like TSR programs). For people who were familiar with CP/M v2.2 on the 8bits - v1.1 of CP/M-86 was the 16bit equivalent, it looks a little different on account of a status bar at the bottom of the screen (line 25) however turning it off is not a huge issue.

    Program-wise it's pretty much capable of taking on some impressive programs on account of the Hardware interrupts the IBM provides - the assembler (ASM86) is somewhat limited being a 8086 based assembler - programmers have tried to bring CP/M-86 (particularly v1.1) into the 21st century with new ways of programming CP/M-86 - as well as giving it the support to work on Larger Hard Disks, Large Floopy Disk drives (and yes I can tell you a 1.44Mb disk can hold a lot of CP/M-86 based stuff), RAMDISK (which support extended memory). Lots of this stuff can be found on this page:

    CP/M User.
    CP/M User, Apr 29, 2007 IP