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Selling www.get2ex.com Established Clickbank Relationship Product - Huge Potential

Discussion in 'Sites' started by evelinawilliams007, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Alexa Ranking: 2,752,436
    Google PageRank: 1
    Backlinks: 206
    Registration Date: 2nd Apr, 2010 (the domain has been just renewed)
    Traffic: Fairly low, a couple hundred hits a month (the website does not generate much revenue any longer, the new owner needs to further take it to the next level and increase the traffc)

    This site is a fully developed, turnkey website and ebook package that is set up ready to be promoted.

    The new owner could drop in their ClickBank Name, open and optionally an Aweber.com auto-responder and start promoting straight away. (Clickbank will guide both me and the new owner to swap accounts, the process is pretty simple, I will contact their support once the sale is completed)

    The website is 100% original including the graphics, site design & ebook and sales copy that have all been outsourced from some of the top copy-writers and designers online. The relationships (get ex back) niche is HUGE, hence one of the top 5 gravity products in Clickbank is in the "Get Ex Back Niche" with a gravity of almost 400. The product has an emphasis on the USA, Canada, Australia and UK market but it does pretty well in any market around the world.

    Currently my name appears as the author for the manual, but the new owner will automatically get full rights to the ebook/ content and graphics, hence you can either run the website anonymously or use your name as the author of the ebook if preferred.

    The sale includes:

    1. Unique Website. Developed specifically for the "Get Ex Back" product with original copy and royalty-free graphics. (full affiliate resource page with banners / e-covers included - ready to attract and help affiliates to promote this product)

    2. Manual/Ebook. A complete/unique manual to help people reunite with their ex partners. Both versions of the ebook - .doc and PDF files for the 55-page ebook, with professional design cover, specially written by one of the top copy writers from one of the most reputable webmaster's forums online (Warrior Forum). Contains fully original copy and royalty-free graphics.

    3. The product is being sold through ClickBank but can be used with any other payment processor. (Clickbank is recommended)

    4. Domain Name: http://www.get2ex.com/

    5. Affiliate Page. Fully developed affiliate resources section to help affiliates promote The Get 2 Ex System:

    Affiliate resources page - http://www.get2ex.com/affiliates.html

    Affiliate resource section - http://www.get2ex.com/affiliate_program.html

    7. Full site compliance - with a proper Contact us, Thank You, and Privacy Policy, Disclaimer pages in place.

    The site

    Sales Page:

    The new owner automatically gets full rights on the sales copy and all graphics that are royalty-free.

    Affiliate Page:

    This is a fully developed system to recruit and offer top notch promotional tool to all affiliates: http://www.get2ex.com/affiliate_program.html.

    The affiliate resource section includes :

    - Ebook covers graphics all sizes, 3D.
    - 2 Banners
    - 5 Pre-written articles for the affiliate to re-print.
    - PPC Keywords List
    - Article Directories, Press Release Sites and Web 2.0 Sites List
    - Bonus structure for the TOP performing affiliates.
    - Custom Review/Landing page that is available for the affiliate to download and use right away.
    - Affiliate Link Cloakers (Guide to help affiliate to cloak/protect their affiliate links)
    - PPC Networks To Use
    - 4 Sample PPC Ads
    - Free Keyword Research Tools for the affiliates to use.
    - Professional Video Testimonial for your affiliates (increases conversions)

    The website has received over 50,000 visits so far and generated over $10,000 in revenue with little promotion. I have no more time to dedicate to this project, the traffic is fairly low, hence no revenues - Further promotion is required to attract more affiliates and more sales. This niche has a huge potential on the back-end, hence it's recommended to use squeeze pages on your affiliate sites to capture leads/potential customers.

    Why am I Selling Get2ex.com?

    You've surely seen me around the Clickbank forums a lot in the past :) I've been an affiliate for almost 4 years and a vendor for another 3. I am taking care of other ventures right now and I am pushed to sell some of my portfolio. The website converts in 20 - 30 hops GUARANTEED if you're driving targeted traffic, if it doesn't you'll get your money back.

    It's been a tough decision, particularly with the large amount of work I've put into this site and product development, product launch and the money invested. I have spent in excess of $3500 to fully outsource the site design/coding, the sales copy and the 55 page ebook.
    The relationship niche is huge - one of the hungriest crowds online especially in the Get Ex Back/Breakup/Divorce niche, thus the website has a HUGE potential. If you've been a clickbank affiliate before and haven't promoted this niche you've left quite some cash on the table.

    The traffic can be increased hugely by targeting many areas I haven't touched yet as a vendor. Again, this site has a huge potential!

    Get2ex.com needs to be accelerated to start generating HUGE sales.

    Here's just a few methods to start generating more traffic and revenue:

    - Press releases
    - Blogging - Blog Commenting
    - Article Marketing / Automated Article Distribution
    - Review Sites
    - Article syndication
    - RSS Feed Submission
    - Email Marketing
    - Web 2.0 sites
    - Web directory submissions
    - Social Networking - Myspace/Facebook
    - Forum Marketing
    - Answer Websites
    - Ad Buys / E-zines
    - PPC Marketing
    - Classified Sites
    - Video Marketing
    - Ad Buys


    Only Paypal or Western Union Accepted. Further details can be discussed via PM.

    Feel free to ask any questions about the website -- Minimum BID - $1600 ... Waiting for your offers, highest offer takes the site.

    Kind Regards
    evelinawilliams007, Apr 10, 2013 IP
  2. wwallace1

    wwallace1 Member

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    Can I get proof of revenue and could you add me on analytics?
    wwallace1, Apr 18, 2013 IP
  3. evelinawilliams007

    evelinawilliams007 Well-Known Member

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    Do you have an email address to send all this information to?

    Please note that the website is not generating much traffic nor revenue, bur we'll send you a complete history of the traffic and sales.

    evelinawilliams007, Apr 18, 2013 IP