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Selling [WTS] LCDvsPlasmaReviews.com

Discussion in 'Sites' started by soniqhost.com, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Looking to sell one of my sites as I don't have time for this project and I have three other sites that I'm working on. Lcdvsplasmareviews.com is a review and rating site for LCD and Plasma TVs, it runs on Wordpress with $90 review plugin http://www.myreviewplugin.com/order-start.html.

    My main reason for the plugin was for another site that I'm working on, LCDvsPlasmareviews.com was sort of a test site for the plugin.
    Out of the 190 unique vistors last month, 106 came from google and 15 came from Yahoo and that was when I had 12 post up only. I replaced two backlinks to the site with another one of my sites which may explain the drop in traffic from google and yahoo in July. However, if you add additional backlinks this site could really take off.

    Revenue - Made about $1 from adsene and amazon. The real money is in adsense commission when an average plasma tv sells for around 1,000 and you get up to 6% for each sale, the profits can really add up. Great site going into the Christmas season.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2010
    soniqhost.com, Jul 11, 2010 IP
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    Willing to listen to reasonable offers as well
    soniqhost.com, Jul 13, 2010 IP