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Buying WTB template with lots for options for FORMS (input, radio, etc)

Discussion in 'Design' started by EricBruggema, Nov 29, 2017.

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    Hi there,

    I'm looking for someone that is selling a template has the following;

    - Responsive
    - Atleast 2 pages (text and form)
    - All form elements based on the design
    - May use jQuery or other frameworks.
    - Full rights to the design

    I will be used for a long survey with more then 400 questions, as i could not find a designer that could deliver such a template for a price that i could pay i'm now searching something that i can change/alter/work with.

    Please PM me with your DESIGN, do not send me any messages if you haven't got a design that can't be used for survey's or if you ask more then $100.-
    I know its cheap, but its for a project with i'm spending alot of time and money into and will not even get one cent back (just for the fun of it! ;) )

    Thanks for your time!
    Btw if you didn't read my topic and send me a message with things i dind't ask, i'll ignore your message, seems less people read text these days....
    EricBruggema, Nov 29, 2017 IP