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[WTB] article writer of advantages of my bidding directory

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by JasonJan1, Mar 26, 2010.

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    Hello :)

    I'm looking for an article writer about the advantages of my own bidding directory.
    Pls contact me by pm, I sure can give you some advantages of my directory.

    Permanent submissions, cheap prices, 2 years online already, promoting it still harder, no casino/drugs/betting/tobacco sites, manually reviews, I reject some too, ... there's enough to announce.

    I'm looking for a cheap possible article writer, that get's my article approved on all parts.
    It must be approved on the guidelines of article websites/directories and seo.
    It must pass ! No writing errors and stuff ...

    Here are some other guidelines:
    Title: No HTML code & hyperlinks, 50-100 characters long. Don’t use capital
    letter for all characters in title, but use capital letter for first character of each
    word only.
    • Summary: No HTML code & hyperlinks, 200-500 characters long.
    • Content: No HTML code & hyperlinks, 500 words maximum long. Allow each line to
    wrap naturally. Use double hard returns to start new paragraphs.
    • Resource (or author’s bio): No HTML code, up to 2 hyperlinks for linking to
    your site, 150-700 characters long.
    • Keywords: Use commas for separating the keywords, maximum 150 characters

    Please pm me for this info. Together, we will figure it out and solve it together.
    Like a team ;)

    I wanna know ...

    1) What's the price for an article (let's say 400 words is ok)
    2) What's the price for 5 different articles of my website (400 words) Any discount ?
    3) What's the price for 10 different articles of my website (400 words) Any discount ?

    Let me know your cheapest prices, but also with great service.
    Who knows, I will become maybe a regulary buyer.
    I got more websites as well.

    JasonJan1, Mar 26, 2010 IP