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Selling Writing Services - Forum Posting (Any Niche) - Blog Writing (Politics/History) - Blog Commenting

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by jasontn, Mar 19, 2019.



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    $1 per 100 words for blogging. $1 per 10 posts for forum posting (reply/thread-starter length - at least 3 sentences) $1 per 100 words for blog commenting.

    Note: When I say 100 words, I really mean - on or slightly above that number and you won't be charged for extra.

    Forum Posts: Any Niche

    Blogging: Politics and Related Subjects Only.

    Blog Commenting - Any Niche

    Note, I do not do rewrites and blog posts should be allowed to be opinionated to some degree. Also, I don't do SEO schemes of posting on various forums and I don't use multiple screen-names for the same forum. Also, no lying on stuff or ghost writing, please.

    Experience: Tons of experience on political forums and forums of other places. Anyway, one of my passions is politics/history so a breeze for me to do blog posts.
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    jasontn, Mar 19, 2019 IP
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  2. garry420

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    interested in forum posting kindly message me your skype id or add me pulkit_thakur
    Note niche is hinduism.
    garry420, May 1, 2019 IP