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wp_register link in wordpress miss aligning in my divs

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by tronicscribe, Nov 29, 2008.

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    hi, I'm working on a wordpress blog for a company I work for, and I have a horizontal menu which I created, and it works find with normal href links. however, for the blog I wanted to add the wp_register link to that menu using
    <?php wp_register('', ''); ?>

    the problem now is that if you view the blog and look at the menu you will see the register link it not aligned with the others. then, when I try to adjust the padding or margin in my styles to fix the top alignment of the link text, it will mess up the rollover state. this leads me to think that the wp_register link has a pre defined style, and I for some reason can't seem to find in the css where that class or id is. or perhaps it is something else? I hope someone might know about this. and please take a look at the menu to see what I mean. thanks! http://www.blog.xillent.com
    tronicscribe, Nov 29, 2008 IP