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Discussion in 'Content Management' started by jaguarsdesign, Feb 7, 2010.

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    Please take a look at seehowtomakemoney dot net

    A freelance project gone wrong! He wanted a simple layout change.

    Here's what was done. I edited 6 files of his theme and e-mailed them back. I instructed him to FTP the edited files into his themes folder and overwrite original files. Thats all but now What you see now is what happened.

    Pls note I had to walk this guy through the whole process. He didnt even know what ftp was or winzip.. I instructed him to download filezilla, winzip...etc..

    I tested the theme and edited files on my own wordpress site and the files are fine.
    Anyway he has a Mac OS... I dont know if the problem is with filezilla or winzip.

    Please help with any advice..
    jaguarsdesign, Feb 7, 2010 IP
  2. Sean-Cration

    Sean-Cration Peon

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    Looks like either the wp install has gotten messed up (he deleted or changed a core file) or maybe you have a static url where it shouldn't (ex. you put in your test sites url insted of <?php bloginfo('url'); ?> or something) I've done that more then once. But I'm not totally sure, either way it looks like you should either ask for the ftp details and you upload a new install of wp and your theme changes or just guide him through a new install
    Sean-Cration, Feb 7, 2010 IP