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Would this tool be useful?

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by Matthew Sayle, Apr 11, 2015.

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    I was doing some spring cleaning on my server and came across a piece of software I had created about a year ago. It was like a new toy where I used it for a little while and then forgot about it.

    Basically it's cross between Notpad and Microsoft Rich Text Document that doesn't allow you to:
    1) Paste
    2) Edit the text outside of the software.

    I had it created originally to stop article writers from being able to sell me articles they hadn't written themselves.

    I made a video right after the software was created to outline the features and give a demo. This was one of the only product demos I have ever made so please be nice - I am basically just curious what you guys think about software with this kind of functionality... Do you think it's useful? Do you think it would help deter crappy article writers who don't actually write the articles they sell?

    Just looking for some honest feedback - like I said this was made a long time ago and has just been collecting virtual dust for the past year. However, it still works flawlessly and I could spruce it up with your feedback.
    Here is the video:
    Matthew Sayle, Apr 11, 2015 IP
  2. Content Maestro

    Content Maestro Notable Member

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    The idea is good to ensure the content you get has been entirely “handwritten” by writers and not spun or simply copied. However, how am I supposed to use this software when I wanna cite or quote words or passages from someone else's writing in my article? When it's just a few words, I don't mind typing all of them; but if it's a lengthy passage, it would be tremendously time-consuming for me to type everything.
    Obviously, I HAVE obtained the original author's necessary permissions to cite or reference or reproduce their work and I've also given them the proper credit in my article.


    I will try to make what I'm saying more clear.

    1) Please check this article – http://searchengineland.com/everything-need-know-pigeon-algorithm-211771.

    There are some sentences in this article which have been quoted from other sources.
    SUPPOSE I'm the original author of this article and wanna write it using your software. While quoting the above words excerpted from other sources, I wouldn't mind typing all these extracts manually (- since I can't copy-and-paste them). They're just a few sentences and typing them manually wouldn't take long.

    2) Now check the article here – http://techcrunch.com/2015/04/13/irobot-is-working-on-a-robotic-mower-thats-angering-astronomers/.

    There's a long passage in this article that has been excerpted from a different source.
    Now, IF I'm the original author and wanna write this article using your software, I would have to type all this manually from scratch because I can't copy-and-paste it. Since it's quite a long passage, typing it manually would be very time-consuming.


    To overcome this limitation, I would suggest that you introduce a feature in your software which TEMPORARILY overrides the “can't copy-and-paste or edit text outside the software” function and allows writers to extract content from other sources STRICTLY FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES. Also, let the excerpted content be marked in a different font or color or background, so that you know that the particular content is “extracted” and NOT a part of what the writer has written originally.
    Content Maestro, Apr 13, 2015 IP
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  3. Matthew Sayle

    Matthew Sayle Prominent Member

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    Thanks for the input - that's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for :D

    Also, you seem to be an awesome article writer - send me a PM when you get time please.
    Matthew Sayle, Apr 14, 2015 IP
  4. EverestOnlineMarketing

    EverestOnlineMarketing Active Member

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    So the writer needs to write the article on True Type since a document with edited content will not be opened? This is a cool idea, but it has limitations (as pointed out by Content Maestro). Having to type everything is tedious work.

    Keep working on it. This will be a very important tool for anyone who needs original, topnotch content.
    EverestOnlineMarketing, Apr 15, 2015 IP
  5. jrbiz

    jrbiz Illustrious Member

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    Interesting concept. As the buyer of written content, how would I then use the content for copying to the blog, website, etc.? Is there an export facility that will produce a "corrupted" file that could not go back into the word processor but would allow the content to be extracted for its intended use?
    jrbiz, Apr 19, 2015 IP
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  6. DocuMaker

    DocuMaker Active Member

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    As a writer myself, I wouldn't like to work with something that restricted the way I wrote. Copying and pasting is a necessary function of electronic writing, so I tend to agree with Content Maestro.
    DocuMaker, Apr 21, 2015 IP
  7. energeticinnovator

    energeticinnovator Greenhorn

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    I think it's a brilliant anti-plagiarism concept in theory though I also agree with @Content Maestro about citations. I have no issues when the content I'm creating is going to be 100% my own idea. But much of freelance writing today requires research. And that requires the ability to quote and link to sources outside of the program.

    Perhaps you could add a tool that would let writers cite information?
    energeticinnovator, Apr 25, 2015 IP