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Would my "Boulder Bridge House" site be better off with the SEO completely targeting mobile?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Forsh, Aug 30, 2016.

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    What I mean is, I have always started setting up a website with the basic SEO stuff that I have done for a long time, URL rewriting being one of them. With the CMS's I would use, the keywords in the URL would be written into the meta-data almost %100, but now I don't see as much emphasis on the "on-site" SEO like I used to, i fact. When I look at my website performance, it looks like my mobile load times are embarrassing.

    Even the shortlinks kill me seeing no keywords, I want to run them through un-shorten services before I click them, because you can't read the URL and see what the page is about. You pretty much have to click and pray....

    I know the obvious answer is Mobile and Desktop, they both still matter, but I don't see very much concern about them. Have we passed a point where keywords just don't play as vital a role? I don't really see pages heavy much anymore. In 2005-2006 I thought Reddit looked like a website version of Notepad, but it's fast and easy to use and I obviously didn't know what I was talking about.

    Combined with Google putting an obvious emphasis on website load times (AMP) and the complete landslide shift towards mobile...I don't think I even want to setup my Boulder Bridges website with "desktop" in mind at all, in fact before Rebelmouse cut off their free service after announcing them moving forward working with Facebook, I just had it pointing to my Rebelmouse page, that was like a month and a half ago...
    Forsh, Aug 30, 2016 IP