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World's Oldest MMO Fansite

Discussion in 'Appraisals' started by taylor_smith, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Writing to request an appraisal of the world's oldest MMO fansite, which celebrated its 16th year last October. We're in stage 2 of 2 in upgrading to a new, responsive WordPress theme and incorporating all content into a WPMU network. The community will be upgraded to XF 1.3 this weekend.

    The stats below could improve substantially with TLC, because Stratics' legacy opens doors. Former volunteers now work at over half a dozen game companies. During our 16th anniversary celebration, we hosted exclusive interviews with Paul Sage of ZeniMax, Richard Garriott (father of the MMO industry) and Starr Long of Portalarium, Jen Gordy of WildStar Online (former Stratics volunteer), Bonnie Armstrong of Ultima Online, and a loktofeit of EVE Online (former Stratics volunteer).

    Stats are as follows:
    • Domain: Stratics.com
    • Registration Date: 27 January 1998
    • Subject: World's oldest MMO fansite (launched 1997)
    • Business Details: Owned by Valour Corp
    • Traffic Details: 1 million monthly pageviews; 70,000 unique monthly visitors; 52% US-based
    • Income: $300/mo from ad revenue alone
    • Pages Indexed: 349,000
    • Backlinks: 258,000
    • Google Pagerank: 3
    • Keywords: 480,000 impressions from search
    • Alexa Rank: 154,326 global; 42,855 US
    • WordPress Pages/Posts: 4,500
    • Forum Posts: 1.6 milliobUsers: 100,000
    Edit: The property also includes http://stratics.tv, where we stream to 300 Twitch.TV followers. Klout: http://klout.com/Stratics.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2014
    taylor_smith, Feb 19, 2014 IP
  2. gigalicious

    gigalicious Greenhorn

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    18,000 USD
    gigalicious, Mar 21, 2014 IP
  3. pw2467

    pw2467 Greenhorn

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    Ad revenue is a good metric that can be used to evaluate a site. A single number that combines traffic, demographics, and geo information. Assuming the traffic is stable, and taking into consideration that the site has a long history, I would put the price in the range of 12,000 to 18,000 USD.
    pw2467, Apr 30, 2014 IP
  4. taylor_smith

    taylor_smith Active Member

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    That's very helpful. Thank you both!

    Since I posted this, we've added an additional 150,000 words of valuable, original content. Through donations, premium membership sales, and better ad sales, we've increased our monthly revenue from $300 to around $600. This is thanks in large part to the support of our approximately 70 part-time and volunteer staff members. Still working on it in case I need to sell it in the coming months, depending upon circumstances.

    Thanks, again. :)
    taylor_smith, Apr 30, 2014 IP