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Working with successfulmatch.com

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by sem-profiteer, May 2, 2009.

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    Anyone have experience working with successfulmatch.com or any of their branded sites? if so, have you had problems with payment issues? Would be interested in your story.
    sem-profiteer, May 2, 2009 IP
  2. asr_guy

    asr_guy Peon

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    I'm trying to get a site up with them and it's a total nightmare getting them to understand the need for better affiliate tracking.

    I want to do different marketing sources and need to track the campaigns. But they don't support subids (although they'll promise it at first) and when I asked them to place Google conversion code on the thankyou pages for free and paid members, they put the code on every page of the site.

    I think they've outsourced their affiliate managers and the one I'm dealing with obviously hasn't ever done any serious affiliate marketing, as I've gone in circles trying to get them to understand what I want.

    Soon I'll switch to a competitor if I can't get them to shape up.

    I've tried reaching the owner, Keith Wells, but he's laying low and no way to reach him.
    asr_guy, May 4, 2009 IP
  3. sem-profiteer

    sem-profiteer Active Member

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    Agreed. The stats and lack of common analytics is hard to convert traffic. For basic SEM you should have to be teaching your AM how to do their job. Then again, if they were a good AM they would be doing it themselves.

    I sent them over 2100 profiles from bought US traffic and they have a "funny" way of doing businesses. I was wondering how to get that sorted out before try to send them more traffic.

    I'm focusing more of my energy on Tangowire; however they are no longer open to new affiliates.

    Thanks for your ping back.

    Still would like to hear stories how to get these guys to pay!!
    sem-profiteer, May 4, 2009 IP