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Working with a wordpress theme

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by Peter_Ivano, Jul 8, 2014.

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    Hello to dear community. Just wanted to discuss wordpress modern WP themes subject and share some experience. I'm working in a big web design company and I'm interested in this topic 'cause nowadays web world is changing really fast, and everybody wants to stay in.
    My department is working with those clients who want their WP sites to be built on ready templates and themes from popular marketplaces with minor changes customization. I had an experience with most of the popular marketplaces from their very begining stage. First I bought themes from templatemonster, then themeforest, then elegantthemes... Those were popular themes of particular time period, and also "best sellers". There were numerous other 1-time purchases, but I won't count that now. Today we have a wide range of choice, both for paid and free themes. If we talk about paid ones, at the present time we use paid themes from themeforest and elegantthemes mostly. Such themes as u-design, enfold, richer from TF and divi from ET are now bestsellers for us because of good design/features/flexibility mix (according to clients' feedback and our rich experience). And of course, two important factors - time and price - gives the growing popularity if compare with "from scratch" development. This market process started long time ago, adn to my mind continues to explore bringing incorrect price formation for non-template/custom web site development. What's your opinion/experience on this? Please share! Thanks.
    Peter_Ivano, Jul 8, 2014 IP
  2. CU_Designs

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    Well, I can give my experience with Theme Forest themes. I have to say that as time progresses, it appears that more and more developers are creating themes (sold on that site) that have more and more complex backends. I can almost say that if the theme looks busy on the outside, chances are it's going to have a really complex backend (inside WP-Admin). I have often wondered why theme developers are creating themes that look absolutely great on the outside, but as soon as you get inside the WP-Admin (after you have paid for the theme) to the theme's options page then it's like WTF is this?! You're needing to see their many videos and long documentation just to figure out how to make it work and at very least look like their demo that got you all excited about the theme to begin with. Most people don't have all of this time to learn how to use a theme. And then some of the features tend to not work. This has been my experience with multiple themes on Theme Forest that have exquisite looks (on the outside that every consumer sees before buying). They'll show you a live demo but not the inside looks. Probably because they know it will deter people from buying. This has been my frustration with themes sold on Theme Forest. I've not had such an issue with themes sold at Elegant Themes.

    I'd suggest people get a free theme before buying any themes on Theme Forest. The backends are getting more and more complex as if the theme developers do not know how to keep the backend simple. It's mind-boggling. There are a lot of equally great themes that are free offered on WP's site, that you can typically find a free theme that looks very similar to a paid one, and it (the free theme) be not nearly as complicated on the inside as a paid one. At least with a free theme, you can check out the insides and if you don't like it, then you can just delete it and not have to be concerned with getting a refund.
    CU_Designs, Jul 17, 2014 IP
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