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Wordtracker keyword list

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by tomecki, Feb 13, 2005.

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    I am interested in the keyword list made by wordtracker every week.
    They are writting:
    "These are the top 300 queries from the last 24 hours, which
    represents the complete queries from the largest Metacrawlers
    on the web (Metacrawler/Dogpile etc..) for the last 24 hours."

    My question is: where I can find the more results.
    In dogpile I see only a flash plugin that will show me results within that plugin. How to copy it?
    How can I get the results from Metacrawler?
    What other tools are for this?
    tomecki, Feb 13, 2005 IP
  2. honey

    honey Prominent Member

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    WT is so far a well known tool, however I do not really trust the numbers. Oveture tool is the only one I trust for those numbers. If anybody has better numbers, sources, that would be great, but I doubt if there is one, with a REAL GOOD source.

    Overall, WT is good, I like it and I use it.
    honey, Feb 13, 2005 IP