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Wordpress with Mys SQL - Can handled the user of 2.4 M

Discussion in 'Databases' started by MayurKawale, Jan 19, 2016.

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    I am really follow WordPress, when to start building the site. Cause it is easy and non technical person can handle the site very well. But I have some doubt here. If site content volume is high i.e more than 1 lacs pages and having visitors more than 2.4M.

    Be specific, can wordpress and MySQL handle 1lacs page and 2.4M visitors. If not what is the limit or what are the limitations of WordPress.

    It is ok to create the news site with Woredpress and MySQL.

    I am giving specifically new site example, cause over the time page will increase in news site and so as visitors.

    So I am really glad if you put you opinion here.

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    MayurKawale, Jan 19, 2016 IP
  2. PoPSiCLe

    PoPSiCLe Illustrious Member

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    What the hell is 1lacs? Thousand? Hundred thousand? A million? We don't speak indian, hence, use English words.
    That being said - 2.4 million daily visitors? That's about a 100.000 an hour (probably twice or triple that at least at peak hours) - yes, Wordpress CAN handle it, however, unless you have decent hardware behind that site, with preferably a good caching-solution, you'll run into trouble fairly quickly.

    With that amount of traffic I wouldn't recommend Wordpress (although, as I said, with the right hardware, it's completely possible to run such a site with Wordpress - but it will mean a decent server - dedicated, or at least single-serve VPS, with a bit of oomph behind it - SSD / SAS, several gigs of RAM, and someone that can tweak the database-settings to fit the usage).
    PoPSiCLe, Jan 19, 2016 IP
  3. jestep

    jestep Prominent Member Premium Member

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    If you do stick with WP, you will almost certainly have to modify the database schemas to use Innodb or another tunable storage engine no matter what application you are using. MyISAM and any storage engine that uses table level locking, will likely be a deal breaker.

    Once you're at this sort of traffic level, hardware and bandwidth can quickly become limiting factors even if you design and tune the database and application very well and use caching wherever applicable.

    To put it bluntly, you're not going to get away using some cheap shared host, and a vanilla installation of wordpress, with this sort of traffic.

    You basically have 2 options, use a cloud based host where you can dynamically scale your resources when needed. Setup is easy, but designing the system to scale when needed, ideally without any intervention, isn't always easy and may require some very experienced administration.

    Other option is to use one or more dedicated servers. You're looking at a minimum of about $500 dollars a month in hosting fees for a good dedicated server. There's a big caveat with dedicated servers in that they typically are unscalable once set up. So if you plan poorly, you'll end up needing to migrate to a new server shortly down the road. If your application ends up taking up a large amount of hard drive space, when combined with heavy traffic, it can get really tricky trying to migrate a production site without any downtime.

    In addition to the hardware, you're going to be well off on an unmetered 100Mb or better internet connection. It's usually pretty easy to find bottlenecks but unfortunately not necessarily cheap to fix them if it comes to hardware or bandwidth.
    jestep, Jan 22, 2016 IP
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    The hosting issues will kick in regardless of what CMS you use if you do manage to get a site with that kind of traffic.
    sarahk, Jan 22, 2016 IP
  5. MayurKawale

    MayurKawale Well-Known Member

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    thanks for your replay guys...bottom line is you have to move to dedicated server for high volume traffic site. Whichever platform is ....

    Can you suggest best dedicated server options..

    Thanks in advance
    MayurKawale, Mar 5, 2016 IP