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Wordpress & Localhost question

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by zinghana, Sep 26, 2009.

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    Hey all..

    Hoping for some help on this one, i have a localhost setup and would like to design a few wp sites on my local machine before going live with them (my ISP / my bandwidth is currently capped to 7kb/s :mad: ) so to save time i would like to design some themes and add articles to them on my localhost...

    The last time i tried moving a site from my localhost to my resellers account / live site, i got many errors... i have moved / sold / bought / transferred many sites and am familiar with transferring databases and site files and so on... but is there anyway to go directly from a localhost to a live site ?

    I wish to pack up the files & database from my localhost and upload them to my server / domain.. but as the lets say localhost/testsite when i upload this to my site all the database is looking for is "localhost/testsite".

    Would anyone around here have any advice as to how to solve this conflict ?

    Is there a way possible to do this ??
    Thanks in advance for any helpful replies, Cheers :)
    zinghana, Sep 26, 2009 IP
  2. chandan123

    chandan123 Prominent Member

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    after upload

    in wp_options table u can replace those things ( localhost/site ) and in .htaccess change those words too
    chandan123, Sep 26, 2009 IP
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  3. Kerosene

    Kerosene Alpha & Omega™ Staff

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    I do this all the time (develop locally, upload when finished)

    Once my theme and content is all finished locally, I create a new (empty) WP install on the server - just as if I'm starting a new blog, tweak the permalinks etc, and upload my theme directory and any plugins. I've then got a blog that looks like my local version, but with no content.
    Then I export my WP db from the local install (via the WP admin panel), and import it into the live version on the server. Takes about 5 mins.

    Basically... copy your theme over to a fresh empty blog, then import your posts.
    Kerosene, Sep 26, 2009 IP
  4. zinghana

    zinghana Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the help guys.. i knew it was possible just wasn't sure how, getting a little sick of manually adding all the articles across, Cheers again
    zinghana, Sep 27, 2009 IP
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