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WordPress - Form Submission - bulk send, private replies

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by agent14, Apr 5, 2019.

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    Hey. I'd like to use a form builder that would then pass the user submitted information off to select users or categories of users.

    I know that this is doable via email but I'd like it to be done on site. Basically when user A submits the form then all members living in Sydney would receive the message and have the ability to reply to the sender.

    However, the conversation would be private between user A and each person living in Sydney.

    So in summary, all members living in Sydney would receive the message and be able to reply to the sender, however each conversation would be unique and private.

    Next example: Requesting a quotation from various law firms. The firms receive it and reply individually to the sender.

    Are there any WordPress solutions capable of doing this?

    agent14, Apr 5, 2019 IP
  2. jayroberts

    jayroberts Peon

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    It doesn't sound like an out of the box solution. Seems like you have to get a custom solution. Get a developer to write a custom solution using maybe php. It shouldn't be too difficult considering the request, it's just that to serve as many people as possible most plugins would be generic/general solutions.
    jayroberts, Jun 4, 2019 IP