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Buying Wordpress Designer/Modifications Needed

Discussion in 'Design' started by LindseyInteractive, Dec 18, 2019.

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    We have the latest Wordpress installed and we are using the following theme:


    We need to have the following things done to the site and need to get them done pretty quickly.

    1) We need to edit the interior pages of the "Services" section and get a common "Design" on all of the service pages, just need to get a good design going for them in the full width portion of it.
    Then we also need to get some plugins installed and setup to handle the following things.

    * We went equipment out to renters, so we need a plugin installed and setup that will allow us to input all of our inventory and prices and allow people to order it online with shipping details or pickup, etc. Also, the main thing to remember is the LONGER they rent our equipment the cheaper it gets, so this needs to be part of the functionality. Also, some of our equipment we have multiple quantities of it, so this needs to be accounted for.

    * We also want to use a subdomain of our site for internal type of things, we would like to be able to create a subdomain with another wordpress account (doesn't need to be on the same installation as the main site), where our internal employees can manage inventory and sign in pieces of things. FOr instance we have equipment and items that we want to input and make sure that anytime one of our employees get it, they sign it in and out everytime, this way we know where it is, who had it last, etc.

    * We also need to do a Fundraising page for different projects that we raise funds for, it will need to be able to have them accept a specific terms of service when donating/giving money, and we need to be able to add different packages on the fund raising, almost like a crowdfunding type of thing.

    So, if you're interested, please send me a PM on here with examples of work you have done, your QUOTE and Skype information and how long it will take you!
    LindseyInteractive, Dec 18, 2019 IP
  2. LindseyInteractive

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    Posted this in the wrong thread, can you please delete this one admins?
    LindseyInteractive, Dec 18, 2019 IP