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WordPress CSS - Move Date

Discussion in 'CSS' started by Pacific Publishing, Jul 16, 2008.

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    I want to move the date from the left column so text spans the full page with no empty space below the date all the way down the page.


    I'm able to shift the text left and increase the post width by adjusting .postbody, but then the date is overlapping the header text.

    How do I move the date to under the header, where the category and comments listings are? Thanks.
    Pacific Publishing, Jul 16, 2008 IP
  2. yankzilla

    yankzilla Peon

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    You will have to move
    <div class="postdate">
    <span class="postday">14</span>
    <span class="postmo">Jul</span>
    Code (markup):
    to after
    <span class="postmeta">
    Code (markup):
    and change the position attribute of the postdate div to relative, and remove the left and top attributes. That will keep the same style, but look awful. I suggest if you want to move it under the title, you just drop the div al together, and add the wp_date() code next to the comments part.
    yankzilla, Jul 16, 2008 IP
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