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Withheld payment

Discussion in 'PayPal' started by espenix795, Dec 17, 2017.

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    Hello guyz ,
    Im a youtuber so I have a tipeeesteram account for donation .. those days I got lot of donations and I received money on my paypal account and I thought to withdraw them , on my balance i had like 1400$ so i decided to withdraw only 1000$ 400 were left on my balance .. After 2 days i withdrawed my money .. but when i opened a paypal a day later balance was gone from 400$ to 300$ (i dont know the real amount) and it sayed payment was in held so i read articles on google and they say to wait for 21 days , so I decided to wait . But when I opened my paypal about 2-3 days later the balance was gone from 300$ to 30-40$ i really was shocked .. donation-s were pending *once they were complete* , they say payment withheld , payment reserved i dont really know what those mean .. then a day later from 30$ balance was -40$ and now today is -98$ I think its growing bigger day by day .
    Guys im really shocked do I need to pay for that or can i have problem with law or something like that
    I live in Switzerland
    And yes: Paypal has my billing info, and bank account can they charge my bank account withou premission
    Sorry for bad english
    espenix795, Dec 17, 2017 IP
  2. Faris Kayal

    Faris Kayal Peon

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    Maybe a little to obvious, but check your PayPal account history. You should be able to see from there where your money was sent to.
    Faris Kayal, Feb 2, 2018 IP