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Windows Server Security Issues – need advice

Discussion in 'Security' started by eugene2006, Sep 10, 2006.

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    I have got Virtual Dedicated Server WINDOWS 2003 server with XAMPP: PHP5 MYSQL.
    It’s parameters are CPU 2GHZ, 1GB RAM, HDD60GB, 100MBIT.
    I am trying to make a free hosting service out of it. So naturally security concerns me now…
    Tell me please is there any windows software that would help me to protect my server and free hosting service from hackers and other bad folks?
    1. What antivirus software is the best for my VDS?
    2. How to protect from DDOS, and any kind of denial of service?
    3. How to secure each new user from other users?
    4. What monitoring application should I install?
    5. How many users I could host on? Script is in PERL written - EASYHOST2.0?
    6. What else could I install on VDS to protect myself – because I have no clue yet :)?
    eugene2006, Sep 10, 2006 IP